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QUESTION TO POETS AND WRITERS......When will the rain be gone?........When can I see clearly?......Is there a Santa Claus Virginia?..........

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Question to Poets and Writers

How does one get to be a poet? I believe it may be about intention, focus and writing and writing...which I am finding hard to do. Keep in mind,,,,I am not expecting to be paid. There is no punishment for writing...and obviously none for not writing. When does one know they have arrived? It is based on affirmation for others?

I do enjoy recognition, exchange and communication. It is not essential to me to do what I feel I want or need to do. I don't think I have to have permission. While I can see that all these things could feel warm and fuzzy, I don't think it is the totality of what I am wanting. Yes, it is about self expression but that is not the whole picture. I have wanted to be a poet since somewhere in the very early years.

While it would be fun to be published, if I really want that I could self publish. My intention is/has been to seek a community for learning and feedback, validation and connection and if I am brave, critique.. I have found some of that. Do I need a mentor? Five or ten mentors?

While I can spot a good and even a great poet from a snowstorm, I can't find my inspiration. Am I meant to be a muse and not a writer while wanting to be both? I tell myself things like....spring is almost here.

In rational moments I am not sure how that relates to being a poet. Great poetry can come from dark moments of life and in the middle of deep winter..

I could certainly write inspirational stuff. I am not feeling inspired. Maybe I really don't want to be a poet? Are there ten easy steps to at least learning to write consistently?

I do want to write with joy or intensity...with that feeling of flow or urgency that I have experienced. I want that feeling of needing to pull over to the side of the road to jot down the lines in my head that are becoming a poem even while I am driving. .

What is all this about do you think? Being a very action oriented person, I am seeking some magically inspired path perhaps? Direction?

Actually, I don't know. I am sure at some point something will be revealed to me .
What are your thoughts? What is the answer to the path needed?


Priya said...

Poetry comes from your heart when you feel/felt it and make you long/love or move on with your lives.

MarionL said...

Poetry by Pablo Neruda

And it was at that age ...
Poetry arrived
in search of me. I don't know, I don't know where
it came from, from winter or a river.
I don't know how or when,
no they were not voices, they were not
words, nor silence,
but from a street I was summoned,
from the branches of night,
abruptly from the others,
among violent fires
or returning alone,
there I was without a face
and it touched me.

I did not know what to say, my mouth
had no way
with names,
my eyes were blind,
and something started in my soul,
fever or forgotten wings,
and I made my own way,
that fire,
and I wrote the first faint line,
faint, without substance, pure
pure wisdom
of someone who knows nothing,
and suddenly I saw
the heavens
and open,
palpitating plantations,
shadow perforated,
with arrows, fire and flowers,
the winding night, the universe.

And I, infinitesimal being,
drunk with the great starry
likeness, image of
felt myself a pure part
of the abyss,
I wheeled with the stars,
my heart broke loose on the wind.

Pablo Neruda, a fabulous poet

I get my greatest inspiration from reading the poetry of other poets, like Pablo Neruda. I read their poems, then sit down with my favorite notebook and favorite pen and just start scribbling. Sometimes I spend months changing the same poem, sometimes they come to me all in one fell swoop and some days I just write down ideas for poems and let it go at that. The main thing is to keep writing, to sit and expect the words to come. I'll give you a challenge. I wrote a poem called "Alphabet Woman" and started each line with the 26 letters of the alphabet. I'll post it for you tomorrow. I think someone once said that writing is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration! Keep the faith and never, ever, ever give up!

Catvibe said...

First, know that it IS possible.
Second, write a poem.
Third, ask yourself if the poem is universally accessible or is it just an emotional outlet for you.
Fourth, edit edit edit edit edit.

My philosophy on poetry is this, first there is a seedling and you must allow yourself to flow out the words/concepts without worrying about whether it is poetic, infused with metaphor or anything, just write without any critical voice at all.

Then look at it. Is it something you really want the world to know about you, or do you want the world to connect with your poem on their own personal level. Is it Universal? That's where you have to get sharp. Think about how you can rephrase your poem using metaphors, phrasing, structure, single 'perfect' words, etc. Do you want it to have rhyme and meter, does it flow, how does it sound read out loud? This process can take hours and you may have something that looks ENTIRELY different than your first draft when you are finished.

Feedback is extremely useful. I'm sure my poetry has made lightyears of improvement since I started publishing it on my blog. Also useful is reading other poets work and asking yourself the same questions about their poetry.

Breathing Poetry has some great articles on writing poetry on her blog.

You can and will, I know this from your willing spirit.

Woman in a Window said...

Oh, screw all the rules. I feel the same questions you do. And I can't wait around for the answers. I feel like a poet. I have felt like a poet ever since rubber boots and puddles, ink bottles and dandelions. Screw the rest. Feel-

Become undone!

Woman in a Window said...

I don't mean to be critical of anyone else. I'm not published and that's probably why. I can't seem to follow the rules. Maybe listen to someone else.

alex said...

Linda. A quote for your writing space:

"There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are."

-W. Somerset Maugham

Anonymous said...

there are no rules you write because you want to..for yourself.. if others enjoy and get something out of it then it's a bonus..but always write what you feel

Mr. Lost said...

Being undone... that's a good way to put it. A bit crazy... lost in the essence of true emotion. I have something to say, and I don't know how to say it. The pressure builds until it just comes out....Maybe it's a poem, maybe it's a song... or maybe it's just psychotic rambling.

Anonymous said...

While I have been a journal keeper and a writer of short stories and muses all my life and more recently the author of three published books and a prolific blogger/essayist, I have only written a couple dozen good poems in my life. They come in blessed zones of inspiration, like magic. Can't tell ya how to CREATE that magic, just be an open channel to receive it when it happens. If it happens, you are a poet. If not, so what? There are many ways to inspire and bring beauty to the world - like living your life as though you were writing an inspirational poem with all your thoughts, deeds and actions.

becomingkate said...

Many people start a poetry blog so that others can hep them hone their craft. Good luck! I'm sure if you'd like to write, you've got some material in there.

Linda S. Socha said...


Thank you for your comment. I believe it to be true

Thanks for sharing that quote! I can see it and have experienced some brief moments where I felt poetry was definitely in search of me

Great advice....I just realized I get distracted after the second or third edit so I am looking at what is the trigger for that!!
Thank you so much for your encouragement!

Woman in a Window

Loved your comment and could relate to it.! I have always been a non-conformist. I worked at bringing it under control for the sake of those I loved who were influenced by me...I have often led a conforming life as a non- conformist. My first shot would probably be screw it.

Natalie said...

Poetry and writing just come to me while i am doing other stuff. A blast of inspiration that grabs me round the neck and shakes me. If I am down at all, the creativity stops abruptly and stays away until my heart is light again.
I have written sad poems,but they were from 'pure' emotion, not the sludge of depression. Hope this helps, even if it doesn't, I am sending you a big squeezie hug anyway.xx♥

Rikkij said...

Linda-the first thing I ever published on my blog is that I am NOT a poet. I don't know the rules and I don't need the grammar police breathing down my neck. The crap I do put out that some have rebelliously called poetry is done like this: I sit down and hit a key,that turns into a word and it's off and running. It never ends up what I thought it would be and half the time i don't know what the hell it means. Many WTF moments as I lean back. If it comes in paragraphs, fine. if it comes in simple lines fine. But I'm all maverick and no poet. Good luck!! ~Rick

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

I write poetry because it is that or run screaming into the Neruda...and you also write because you have a passion to express what is held deeply.

(hugs) Cherie

Indigo said...

I'm not a poet, yet I've been called a writer (I still find some amusement in that to some extent). I know as for being grammatically correct...I'm a lost cause. Some one almost always proofs my post for me before hand.

So what would I say in the words of a sometimes writer? Follow Erin's advice become undone. My best writing has flown with without inhibition from spirit to page, in the most unexpected moments.

If I were to sit and try to force the words, it's for nought. I do find myself going back and revising a hundred times and still finding no satisfaction in what sits before me. Maybe that is the secret, we can't know until we try. (Hugs)Indigo

steveroni said...

Being neither writer nor poet, said he--
I will do neither for you, but for me
And in the end, we all of us shall see
That which is, was, or will be.
Steve E.

FlyingRabbit said...

When you can't explain a thing to somebody face to face clearly, writing helps. When you want to capture your sudden creative thought, writing helps.
I'm thankful this website provides us a platform to communicate with each other and share our thoughts. When someone 's good at it, he or she will be a writer. And I never think I will be good at it. Hehe.

Karen said...

Linda - I've just started writing and I have the same questions as you. It takes a lot for me to be courageous enough to publish these things I call poems on my blog. I've only felt like one or two of them really are poems, and these just CAME -- from where, I don't even know. I often feel that I'm not "deep" enough to be a poet.

Some of the blog writers just drip poetry. Some are outstanding poets, as good as any published poets. I think reading them is a good way to keep creative juices flowing, but I think the desire is the first step.

Cynthia said...

Hi Linda, you are an inspirational
person/poet/writer. At this moment
your mind/emotions are just taking
a break or taking in the envoirnment. Sometimes wish my
mind would take a break, I feel a
need to write, however I seem to be
getting lazy about submitting my
poetry, when at one time submitting
was something I did very often.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I got your email. All you need to do to comment in my blog is to read the entry, then click "comment" and then enter your name, your email, your blog address, your comment, and then click "submit" and you should be good to go!

i've missed you!

Brosreview said...

Umm, my main inspiration has been my life and my observations. Look within yourself and there are numerous incidents that you can reflect upon via poetry. Although I must add that I am not dedicated to being a poet. I am more of a songwriter.

I think it is a long process. I take months to finish my songs. For instance, my song "Forgive to Forget" (in my blog) took me several months to complete.

Songs/Poems start with a really long draft. Then, I underline the important facts / milestones, convert them to song-like lines and continuously edit them until I am satisfied. And, I am satisfied when I get a music/melody ringing in my head for me lyrics.

At times, I do come across stages when nothing comes out. I reckon, the best thing to do at such horrifying times is to stay put. Take a break. Eventually, you will enter the songwriting mode. You need to give it time. If you stress, your lyrics or poem shall reflect it. And, the results, in such cases are disastrous.

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on "The Asterisk". A very complicated song which has three different meanings. I appreciate your interpretation as well. Nice!!! In addition, it belongs to my album titled "THE". All my songs that begin with the word THE falls into this concept album. So, when you find the time, do have a read. It will help you understand the songs better as they are interconnected. Cheers!!!

MarionL said...

Hey, Nashville Linda! I posted my poem I mentioned earlier on my blog. I couldn't wait until tomorrow for a fellow poet! LOL!

I wrote "Alphabet Woman" after reading how Beat Poet, Anne Waldman, wrote some of her poems, sort of like chants. It was fun to write and I've done it several times using the alphabet thing to define myself. If you give it a go, let me know how it works for you! It felt sort of like a puzzle the first time I did it. I've shared it many times with old friends and they laugh because I change it often!!! That's the fun of writing!

Anyhoo---just wanted to let you know I posted it and also posted a small list of some of my favorite writing books that have kicked my butt up off the couch and got me to writing! LOL!

You may already own some of the books. They're my favorites and I read them over and over. If you or any of your fellow writers have any favorite books that help the process, please share! Hugs, Marion

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

change genre to keep yourself busy, when the thoughts are there it doesn't matter if it's poetry or prose :)


I was thinking the other day about the internets. It seems like years ago history made the writer. Words were written and it would take many years before recognition came about. Through those years an audience would build and eventually Voila. You had arrived. You were usually dead though because it took so long to get there.
Nowadays it's much simpler. Especially in the computer age. Recognition comes around much easier. Words of support, critique and affirmation are all a part of it. Only now the audience is so much larger than it used to be because of our place in time. Eyes are everywhere. And the ability to publish is everywhere.
I love writing, but I don't think I am truly happy with myself until I get that warm fuzzy feeling. The one that makes you say Yes!
I think every writer struggles with the questions of What the hell am I writing? and Is it any good? I know I do.
Peace be with you my friend

Shadow said...

i have no clue as to the correct answer to your questions. i have them too. all i know is that when i'm confused, when my emotions are in a tangle, to write a 'tangle' of words which produce what i call a poem. the darker ones, the ones with strong emotions, are easier to write somehow, as are the inspirational ones, all the others require a lot of work from me, so i tend to avoid them. doesn't that a poet make? who knows... all that said, i do want to tell you that the poems you have written and i have read, i have enjoyed. explore and have fun, i think that's part of the key.


I seriously began writing poetry following the deaths of my mother and 2 months later my husband.
I had so much emotion anger, loneliness you name it I felt it.
Then I put my thoughts down on paper. I had only written 2 poems previous the first about our dog, and the second on the first of our grandchildren being born.
I can write about almost anything,
I have had a book published, yes
I'm very happy writing poetry.

Take care.


Shadow Angels said...

Seriously- i wonder if anyone really knows?

We are all here- because this is one place we can express ourselves freely- let our spirits free and soar away ..

if there are rules- then it kills everything we are trying to express in the first place.

If someone does "get it" - that may be surprising and cool. If no one understands- does it really matter?

love-Silver Moon

L. Rochelle said...

Words tumble, do tricks in my mind, never let me be. I let them pour over me like I'm channeling a madwoman. I pray they never let me go. I race to write them that a poem I see?
No punishment for writing, indeed...a true reward, art is!!

Femin Susan said...

So do I .I do write poems enjoying it word by word.

ayoung said...

I'm sure you'll find your muse too! One day it'll just hit you out of the blue, and like your posts here the words will come to you.

a small poetry magazine I think you may like.


Ghost Dansing said...

i think i shan't write a poem
foolish and shallow they are
for hearts of children
not the likes of mine

i think i shan't think of poems
when my heart bursts with love
i shall crush it like a grape
expressing nothing instead

all that is life flows
through my veins
like warm water
through a garden hose
intended for sprinkling
the summer lawn

my bones only more to fertilize plants

no other purpose

nay i shan't dream of poems
nor read them
nor speak them

for i have denied being a poet
in a lie

so ,think i, shan't write a poem

i shan't write a poem


Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting to read everyone's writing processes on here.

I think it is something unique to all ppl who write and make their writings public. I have always written articles and papers...and recently started on another forum to post.

One day I wrote a chance, woke up and one popped into my head - there it was.

Some ppl talk about editing, starting with long drafts, tweaking...what's odd for me is that I hardly revise and most pieces are written in one shot. I don't actually consider myself a poet, but I would call me a writer.

For me, something clicks and it comes, I can't force it. The bad part is, its the same process for proposals at work and was the same for college essays...hehe.

Just keep living and when it is meant to be, well, it will happen.

Linda S. Socha said...

Writer on Board
I know this is clearly the truth . I feel it , and know it deeply. I have felt the rush of feeling as if a poem is being channelled and it has seemed elusive of late. Thanks for stopping by....But I do know there is no one formula or rules and the reasons are as individual as each of us.


I appreciate your comment very much. I love your poetry....
I think the recent struggle has beenbeing out of sync with myself and this effort to reconnect is proving helpful

Mr. Lost

Loved your comment. Feeling a writers holding pattern today I might settle for psychotic rambling:>)


I think I am a poet and I think my
creativity has not been as connected.I am distracted and getting reconnected to living where I am. If I never wrote another poem it would not be the end of the world...just something very hard to do...the never writing a poem...which probably reinforces that I am a poet...good or bad.

Becoming Kate
Good point! Thanks for the comment



Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

A poet is a person, no more, no less.
A poet could be your father, or you mother,
Your sister or your brother. In point of fact,
Any member of your family could be
A scrivener of verse.

That which makes a poet different from
All other people is that person’s ability
To put their feelings and emotions into
Verse. Poets are able to bring tears to
Your eyes, and put a lump in your throat.

A poet can be any shape, size, colour, or
Of any ancestry. They come from all the
Fields of work. From university professors,
To soldiers, from police, to criminals,
Come works of verse great and small.

All that is needed to write is the ability
To express your feelings and emotions;
The urge to write; the inspiration to
Put the words in the proper order,
And the love for the written word.

-William Smith

The Pink Cowboy said...

I have been writing poems and short stories since I was 13 years old. Poetry is mora a language than a literary genre. Of course you can recognize a poem when you see it. It has a specific format. But when you write or read a poem the lights dim, your soul opens. There is a new and free language that defies conventional reality. You are in another world. Poetry is the destination of your heart, it is your inner reality. Poetry is a sacred place and should be treated with reverence. Poetry is your secret, your song, your universe. Nobody has a say in it. It is all yours. It is a precious jewel. You might want to share it with the world outside because you are a loving person, and the nature of Love is to expand eternally. Above all, poetry is your footprint in this world, the most profound language of your soul.

Linda S. Socha said...


Beautifully said and it rings with truth. Thank you for your time and thought with this comment

Self-Proclaimed Mistress of Nothing said...

When I was 11, I found a book of poetry at a yard sale and my mother bought it for me. I read and reread most of the poems (of various authors) within that book. Then... the words just came to me. That's how it's always been. If I go out looking for the words, they run and hide. If I am distracted with life, the words find me.

That being said, the words don't look for me as often as they once did. It seems it was so much easier to write when I was an emotional mess than it is to now that I am content. I think I'd rather be happy and not write than in total distress and writing. :-)

Silver said...

Seriously- i wonder if anyone really knows?

We are all here- because this is one place we can express ourselves freely- let our spirits free and soar away ..

if there are rules- then it kills everything we are trying to express in the first place.

If someone does "get it" - that may be surprising and cool. If no one understands- does it really matter?

(eeow..think i signed in with a mistaken identity account(shadow angels) earlier..(hehe.. pls delete the similar one ok!! tks.) love

Anonymous said...

I believe their are many aspects to being a poet. It is primarily an expression of one's authentic truth and personal journey. Our minds are often too clouded with thoughts and unresolved emotional issues to be creative. However, when a tension or issue is released or relieved in the psyche, one can then see where one was stuck and where one has been and has a story to tell. One has risen above an aspect of repression and has now the insight to pass on how this miracle has been achieved.

As one approaches a still and quiet mind, then questions can be asked about the wonders of life. Since one has been opened to receive, one becomes filled with inspiration resulting in what one would call a poet.

As Priya says, this translates into having an open heart.

Selchie said...

What is a poet? I don't know. I just write and sometimes it fits a form that people call prose and other times it looks like poetry and that's what it's called. What is it about poerty? Just write, is my advice and fill the well with whatever makes you happy. Sometimes I write, sometimes I paint, in between times wait, take photographs on the lake, take a break. Row, sleep, eat chocolate or pink and white marshmallows, long walks on the cliffs and blustery days, mm... take long baths with geranium flowers and soft lights, love myself and suddenly well rested I will have an idea. A book? The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, completely turned my world upside down, scared the living daylights out of me and then I really began to live and create.) Hope this helps. Big hugs to you.)

Laura said...

You are reaching out and touching us Linda. Sometimes it all just clicks and that happens in our writing as well. I think writing is from the heart as poetry is from the soul.

LORENZO said...

Drawing on the past, watching people around you, noticing the little things, and always thinking...followed by writing. I think if you just get it down on the paper and then move it all around to make it go then you'd be starting off in the right direction. In the past, when I was stalled out, it was often due to self-pity, too much over analysis, and too much thirsting for fame/recognition. Do it for yourself and write what is important to you. You'll find that there is a lot of people out there who feel just like you.

Linda S. Socha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Linda S. Socha said...

You have such a beautiful way of expression...I have decided you are an old soul

Linda S. Socha said...

Thank you Sarah. Have I told you I am glad I found you and your blog.
I love your writing. Can't wait to get your new book!! Hope the signing went well. I read the book and did the workshop and I agree powerful and personal stuff


Kimberly Drever said...

I was taking a course in Audio Production where on the first day of class the instructor picked me out and asked what it was that I wanted to be. At that time I was focusing on my singing, and being that I was in an Audio Production class, "Professional Singer" was the first thing I blurted out.

He then proceed to instruct that the next step for me to do is find a "sword", and in this case it was the dry-erase eraser in the classroom, he "dubbed" his shoulders and said "I am a singer"...

It was an interesting point to make that unless you decide what you are no one else is going to make you whatever it is you want to be.

Great post on exploring desires and passions!

Linda S. Socha said...

SP Mistress of Nothing
I can so relate to the ease of writing during misery. Perhaps I can say I am happier now and be truthful!

Chrisy said...

Here's a few little starters that I used to use in a writing class I took. 1. Write for 60 seconds without stopping. Just write exactly what comes into your head, even if it's only 'I can;t think of anything to write this is a stupid thing to do.' Don't write in proper sentences or proper punctuation unless it comes out that way.
2. Write the words 'I remember' at the top of a piece of paper and then see what comes out. Write the words 'Yesterday I' at the top of a piece of paper and see what you find yourself writing next.
3. Write about a dream you had recently, even if you can only remember scraps of it. Now look at the scraps: do any of them make you think of something else? Is there anything in waking life that they make you think of?What is the mood of the dream? Use the scraps as the starting point for an improvisation.
4. Write about yourself as you are at this moment, using all five senses. What are you seeing: How does it look, how much of it can you see, what colors are there, what kind of quality of light is there? What are you hearing? Is it a constant noise, is another noise behind it that you only hear if you listen especially for it? Are any of these sounds like other sounds, do they remind you of anything else, do they make you feel a certain way? What welse does it feel like? Do different parts of your body feel different things? Are you comfortable? What would make you more or less comfortable? How are you sitting or standing? What mood does this posture indicate? What are you smelling? Are you tasting anything? Can you imagine a taste? What would you like to be tasting? Can you describe that taste? If something distracts you from writing, write about this distraction.
I have mannnnny more if these are useful...

Leslie Avon Miller said...

If poetry were a painting, it would be helpful to paint often, to show up in the studio, to pick up the brush. And enjoy the process.

judith ellis said...

"The poet laureate is an Aunt Sally, to be shied at by all the couplets of philistinism and ponce-bashing that the press like to indulge in. Yet poets are not naturally showmen. Poetry is by nature and convention a secret art. Poems are coded messages for your eyes only, left under pillows, behind whisky bottles, tied to roses, written in water. There are no regular poetry reviews in cultural magazines, or poetry programmes on the telly. Nobody is televising their awards live. Poets fall a long way behind actors and musicians, artists and novelists, for celebrity."

--AA Gill

Poets are seers; they speak truth in ways that other writers or artists cannot do; their value is intrinsically profound, aligned with their perceptive selves that do not seek the spotlight.

The words of poets are themselves the light. "I am the way, the truth, and the light." Poems are embodiments. Whether written softly or deeply, in a sonnet or haiku, poets speak to us in ways that none others do.

Linda, I thank you for your words on this blog and the spirit of your message. It's beautiful. Peace and love…a hug too…these things I send right now to you.

Anonymous said...

A Poet cannot be made. A Poet is born.

CathM said...

I think that as long as you are staying true to yourself (in terms of your goals) as a writer or poet... then, the rest is immaterial. Some want fame and fortune. Others simply write for fun. There is no right or wrong – as long as you’re having fun in the process...

The Sea Wind said...


I share with you the helpless moments of wanting to write but words can't come out properly. I think our mind, inspiration and creativity are often constrained by the limitation that language imposes. Regardless of expression, know that you are making many differences to others' lives by simply being who you are- a wonderful inspirer. Poem is a tool as well as the ultimate final destination. When such duality is reconciled, no expression is wasted.

Much love!


DB said...

Linda, there are a lot of interesting comments here, some good, some not so good and some excellent. I read all of them. I like the Maugham quote, nobody knows the rules, probably becausae there aren't any. And I like the remark someone made that poetry is the "secret art."

I would say that nobody sets out to be a poet. Somerset Maugham also said that if you want to be a writer you have to write everyday, even if it's only your name.

You have more thoughts, feelings, ideas, impressions, memories, observations and icons in your mind than you could ever possibly write about in 20 lifetimes. Pick one you like and explain it to me. Nature will take care of the rest.

DB - The Vagabond

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

To me it's about an annoying need for self-expression - I've had it all my life in differing forms and now it's poetry. Mostly a blessing though.

September Sun said...

Hey Linda!!!! How are you my sweet friend? Thank you so much for your comment on my sketch!!! I'm really very excited about this project and your encouragement means a great deal to me. :)
As far as your poetry, I think you write beautifully and poetry should always come from your heart. I'm not a poet, although, I do enjoy reading poetry often. The few times I have written a poem, they were feelings that came straight from my heart, with a very specific purpose. But, I wonder if all poetry must have such purpose? As in art, is there "abstract poetry"? mmmmm, I just don't know.
But please continue your search, I do believe you will find the answers you are looking for :) take care my dear friend,
Julian xoxo :)

Silver said...

My darling lady!

Gonna make some last stops these 2 days.. i'm coming here to give you a big fat kiss and the tightest hug any petite lady can give you..

if there's internet access where i'm going- then i'l probably still come in and leave you some comments, make my presence felt around here..

You're part of the reason why i have shared the "face-on" withour dark sunglasses in the Resto pic.
When you see that pic, remember- you have touched me enough to show a little more of me to the world. Love~

Selchie said...

Hi Lovely, I'm really glad to have met you too.) I attempted a longer answer to your questions, so many.. lol.. in my last post and added a link to yours, I hope that's ok.)

Kraxpelax said...

Personal announcement!

My Art:

My Poetry:

My Philosophy:

- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

.... said...

i strongly feel even the greatest of the poets would've struggled all their lives to write smthing surreal, smthing that they can call "poetry" and while struggling to reach and attain that something, they wrote many verses, which today we've labelled as "great poetry by the great men".

what is that something that an artist's soul thirsts for? where do you find it? inside the poem? inside a painting? in those colors and strokes and music or notes?

I think the real poetry comes when everything else is quiet. In a sacred moment full of silence, a poem is born out of ravines of our soul or mystic, which otherwise we ourselves can not venture into in our day to day lives. When all our five senses are dormant, perhaps then. perhaps we're never real poets. there's no real poetry, because we write and still we crave. we crave for more and write. a viscious circle, or is an artist destined to feel this way? for the never ending yearning for perfection, for that drop of divinity, that touch of holiness.. we surrender/sacrifice everything else. is it madness? aren't poets mad and crazy? :) i should give my head sm rest. but poems come in silence, through silence.\

The Sunflower and Ladybird Company said...

Hi Linda - WOW! You have put my musings and thoughts and questions into writing - so you have arrived! You are a writer - who is read. Wilbur Smith's publisher once told him to write only for himself and not for the publishers. Yes it would be nice to be published - but you need not be published to have arrived - I think. Have a nice day!

Lisa said...

do what you have the motivation to do....

Nadege said...

just let the rain shower down on
your poetic soul ...

Mathilde said...

Oh Linda, la traduction google aussi approximative soit elle m'a permis je pense de bien comprendre votre sentiment que je partage !
Faut-il intégrer un groupe, un atelier d'écriture pour que ce que nous ayons envie d'écrire soit validé, accepté ? Je me suis posée la question avant de créer mon blog et ma réponse est non. Si on a envie d'écrire, si on éprouve le besoin d'écrire, il faut écrire. Idem avec toutes les autres disciplines ! L'envie, le désir de créer, de doit pas être arrêtés par des "juges", de toute façon nous ne pouvons pas plaire à tout le monde ! Et puis, l'envie d'écrire, d'être poète ne donnent pas la prétention de devenir célèbre ! Si un éditeur a envie de vous publier tant mieux ! Mais ce n'est pas le plus important. L'essentiel est de s'exprimer de tout son saoul, avec son bon vouloir sans freins, sans contrainte, sans complexe et surtout sans frustration !
Exprimez-vous Linda, vous en avez le droit et certains de vos amis connus ou inconnus dans la vraie vie trouveront toujours du crédit à ce que vous écrivez de toute façon ! Alors...continuez sans vous poser de question !
(la photo est très belle aussi !)
Je vous embrasse !
Mathilde Primavera.

Mathilde said...

Linda, j'ai rajouté sur mon blog un traducteur qui cette fois devrait fonctionner !
Mathilde Primavera

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Do not worry, the rain just stopped:) I am passing a sisterhood award to you for having such a warm blog :) (and it magicaly unblocks the writer's block..pinky
Check the award on my blog :)

Cynthia said...

Sometimes we have to define for ourselves what it means to be a writer. I used to dismiss the idea because of the economic strain...then I just wrote for myself (creative)...then I got some things published and felt validated a bit...but I think your question is more like the Idea of the Writer...which is your own...that's for sure. Maybe...the blog posts make us writer-communicators...a kind of writer. I look forward to your answer, Linda! <3

the walking man said...

If you ask the question "Am I..." then you are not. If you state the fact "I am..." then you are.

If you think "Is this..." then it is not. If you think "This is..." then it is.

I am a poet and I write poetry for an audience. Everything beyond that is only germane to my self.

Non-imaginary said...

Thank you for visiting Linda, and what a great blog you have here.

Loz said...

Some can and others, myself amongst them, cannot.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

I like The Pink Cowboy's comment, Linda. Especially about poetry being a sacred place.

Athelas said...

You, my love, are fascinating.

Have you read the novel Violin by Anne Rice?

Perhaps consider taking up watercolor. In watercolor it is immediately evident which poems work and which are forced.

Linda S. Socha said...

You are all a gift of the very best kind to my life ...real , honest caring and willing to put forth ideas and concepts sacred to you.

I am blessed today to have access to this kind of beauty and direct response. This post response so speaks to me of the diversity of this blog community.....and the willings to share that it encompasses...THANK YOU. I am working on direct response to this manifestation of sharing...

Zhao Jinxing said...

Hello Linda Socha, the recent conduct of my busy, do not have access to your blog, I enjoy your blog very much appreciate your concern and appreciation for my ceramic work. I wish you a healthy and happy!

Harlequin said...

what a wonderful listing of questions.... have you thought abut playing with how you form the questions?? could you ask them in a way that asks a question within the one you are asking?
or use a question to respond to the question you just asked
or, see if you can shrink your questions down to fewer words
or verbs only....
so. all this is an example of working poetically
you are already poetic
now, you begin to work with the ingredients,,,, words, and form...
loved this post and the responses...

C.J. Koster said...

Poetry is kind of like cheese: once you cut it, and smell it, you know you've got something.

Harlequin said...

you are already poetic... it is the disciplined and playful attention to words and form that moves you into something that feels/looks/sounds like a poem..,
your site is poetry...

Hayaah said...

I am in a bit of an awe coming here to paste my 1st comment on your blog...

Your following has wow-ed me into wondering, whatever would make you doubt your own potential?

Words are beautiful things that we find pleasure in coining into phrases - those that reflect our soul and sometimes end up warming the hearts of those reading them. With words we share experiences, and all you need to do is say it as it comes out. If you write for yourself 1st, I believe it always comes out best.

One simply cannot force life into words just to please another. Warmth comes from feelings felt 1st... Therefore I'd suggest, write as and when it comes to you, and I totally agree with those who said, ''BLAAAH'' to the rules ;)

I wish u the best.. I shall be coming back to read more of your previous work, from time to time and look forward to visiting your thoughts :)