Monday, November 16, 2009

Living Out of the BOX-INSPIRED


Photo by: John P. Ford

As I watched Danny MacAskill in this INSPIRED video my spirits soared and life in that moment became movement, joy and the triumph of the indominatable spirit.....that spirit that lives in all of us and finds expression where ever we allow it breath and when we create room for it to be in our reality!

Nothing in this video is atypical. Nothing in this video is impossible. It is all possible things put together in a little different way with skill and practice so that the surprise is in the execution of the usual in unusual ways.

This wonderful video comes to me from my blogger friend , Beaux, at
This Isn't Happening ( Stop by and say hello to Beaux and send him thoughts of health and recovery and applaud his willingness to live in the now.

Beaux was diagnosed with a terminal illness about a year ago that requires a liver transplant. Beaux, his wife Lois and their two girls are waiting ...and living.

Check out what Beaux calls his blog ramblings. To me they are brave war crys of a family living as fully as possible in the moment. Thanks Beaux!
Love and hugs!

This quote on Beaux's side bar says much to me.

"Did we come here to laugh or cry?
Are we dying or being born?"
-Carlos Fuentes...Terra Nostra

What is happening in your life out of the box? Where is your thinking today? I love hearing from you and your words are inspirational. This blogging community rocks!