Thursday, February 26, 2009

A GAGGLE OF GALS...Wings to the Future..Beautiful Family

Photo By: John P. Ford is my post for you dear friend. I have really taken a long time to do it! In my process of lagging, I am no longer sure exactly what I was to have done so I am winging it!

Something, I think, was said about some photo in a particular folder? Here is my photo beautiful friend. It is about family and the extended meaning of that. Please know that I think of you every day and send healing thoughts your way. I am sorry that you are going through this difficult time.

In my thoughts,there is family of origin and family of choice. Family of origin is where you came from in the biological process. Family of choice is simply where there is a willingness to be there in a family like connected way and an agreement between the people involved about what that means to each. I know that you know that you and Charli are included in my extended family of choice.

Our family of origin is a colorful mixture. We claim Northerners, Southerners, East Coast and West Coast folks. We have extended family in D.C., Delaware, Louisana, California, Ohio, Texas. Arizona, Virgina and even Alaska.

We are descended from Irish, Welsh, Native American, and some think Fairies, Mystical Beings and perhaps Leprechauns. A few have been named Trolls but most of us try to ignore that naming.

We have reared Actors, Artists, Craftsmen, Educators, Administrative Educators, Farmers, Math and Computer Experts, Musicians, Performers, Nurses, Mental Health Professions, Ministers, Librarians, Truck Drivers, Small Business Owners and Poets and Writers. We have reared these folks to these callings not necessarily knowing we were doing it.

We have coped with family genetic issues including alcoholism, depression, diabetes, heart issues, cancer and obsessive tendencies and people who died way too young because of these kinds of issues. There is no easy way to cope with these things. Mostly, you just keep walking and praying and holding hands and connections with family of choice.

We claim folks who are single parents, married three to five times (on occassion). We understand it is not three strikes and you are out....but rather life.

We smile at groups of wonderful people who have eleven to zero offspring. Our extended crew includes those who claim heterosexual and homosexual orientation and some folks who prefer not to make a final commitment.

In this post you see a gaggle of gals I claim in my family . Here is the poem I have written about them and our family of origin. I look forward to your thoughts! Your comments are magic and help me learn.


Uncommonly Wonderful Angels

Rhi (Peanut Butter Bound), Naomi
Leah, Jessica
Becoming who they are
Where they find themselves

Family Heritage Roots
Wings to the Future
Soaring further in
Their lifetimes
Than you and I
Dared to dream

Great-Grand children of Earl and
Emily Ellen Of Tennessee,
Laura and James of Illinois
They are Already
Unknowingly alligned
Christian Soldiers of the Cross

Kith and Kin to
Gospel Music Bards
Cousins to Country Music
Pop-Rockers, Foot-Stompin

Hand Slappin, Fast Dancin
Music Makin, Big-Time Players
They have music
In their bones.

Doubt me?
Think I go on a bit?
Watch Them
Listen to their Music
Dance to their Music

When they think
They are alone
When they don't know
They are watched
Then give your take on it

Roll call on the family tree
Finds Strong-Hearted
Genuinely Loyal
Caring, sharing souls
Living life in the church
Word of the Lord

A song to be sung
Hard work to be done
Joy on the wing
Life lived to the fullest

A little free spirited
Crazy Wacky Outrageousness
Thrown in the mix
To keep things in perspective
To keep things in perspective


June Saville said...

Nice post Linda.
Families of choice are precious. They're often the ones who don't come for Christmas but whom you wish were there.

We're lucky if the families of origin are in the same ball park.
June in Oz

Chrisy said...

Thanks for sharin your wonderful family of choice and the experiences that you've had...I'm in awe...

Anonymous said...

Ah we are in cosmic sync today... Family of Origin... grrrr, seems the older I get the further I drift from their values, ethics... I wonder if someday my own children will drift from me...

My family of choice... seems to be some incredibly strong gifted individuals....

I liked your post and the honesty and love entwined within the words...x

Michelle said...

Lovely photo.

I am trying to follow this blog but it keeps telling me I am CRABFACE!

I think my daughter has been at the computer!

I will be back :0)

Michelle said...

I cant change the when you see it, it's me:0)

Sherrlyn Borkgren Photography said... says...How wonderful to have this family. Linda I love your visits to my blog! Please help spread the word that I am offering a FREE wedding day photography- the details are on my blog. I want it to go to the right couple. I know they are out there and would really appreciate it.

Shadow said...

you've got strong family ties. lovely!!! and since you're related, please ask them leprechauns if they left any pots of gold in south africa for me to find, heee heee heeee


I agree families of choice are really precious. I found your blog most interesting to read. Thanks for sharing.
Take care.


MauritaMason said...

Wow, so beautiful! I especially enjoyed the poem. What a gift to those angels.

Anonymous said...

Love the Gaggle Gal Family of origin piece - and the poem is wonderful. Thanks for composing this and posting it today. It speaks volumes.

L. Rochelle said...

It is a privilege to have read this. "than you and I dared to dream"....this is everyone's family, different names, origins...sometimes one did that happen? Choice, now you're talking!Wonderful.

Catvibe said...

This is so much how I feel about the internet family I am participating in. It really strikes to home. I was just talking about family of choice vs. family of origin, remember Clarissa Este's Running with Wolves story, The Ugly Duckling. Just talked about that the other day in fact, so I love finding psychic revealings that it seems to be in a wavelength and my friends (in this case you) are thinking and writing about the very same things I've been thinking about. It has happened to me now 3 times this week with blogging friends. Love that mystery, just love it.

Ghost Dansing said...

i don't understand it but it's like zydeco or something......

Linda S. Socha said...

Thanks June!
Great to see you here....Yes....Lucky!

Thanks for stopping by. Love your comments and your blog. It is a great idea

Glad you are here lady. Love it when you stop in. You and I are often in Sync...I think they all drift away....and return on some levels.


Welcome! Glad you joined the journey! Thanks for the comment on the photo. My significant other is a photographer. LOVE your blog and your work Really special stuff....How do you do that art with FOUR kids??

Thank you for your caring comments.
That is a wonderful idea....
I very much appreciate your work and I will share the info!!

Shadow...Ok the word is out to the Leprechauns...lets hope the trolls don't hear!! Thank you for stopping
and commenting!!

Welcome! What a lovely comment. Love you blog. Thanks for joining as a follower!

Hi have my youngest daughters name....She was almost an Yvette.. Thank you for stopping and commenting..and for the lovely comment

You are one of my favorite free spirits....I am so glad you enjoyed the poem. I do not have the confidence I wish that I did in writing poems but I do love doing it!

Much thanks! That is probably my favorite line. I have some people in my family of choice who definitely will also be able to fulfill that predictation..
Check out Christine at The Voice of the Sea Wind.

This is fascinating. This is the third time this week this has happened to me also. The original Ugly Duckling was my favorite childhood story....!!
Thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful comment

YES it is. Thanks for the wonderful video... Are you a musician?? You always find just the right thing!

Thank you all. Love the connections. Appreciate the comments and the caring.

judith ellis said...

What a beautiful post of friendship, family and love. Thank you so much. (I love the photo!) I am the youngest of twelve of a beautiful gifted intelligent single mother who raised twelve independent professional and talented children who are all also ordained in ministry as preachers, missionaries, and chaplains. We were taught to serve first and to love our neighbhor, anyone near us, as ourselves. Thank you so much for these words, Linda. They have warmed my heart. Also, I love Rhi! Blessings to your friend too.


When I was a teenager I remember reading Johnathan Livingston Seagull. There was a line that went something like this: Rarely do members of the same family grow up under the same roof. Leaving home at an early age I knew a little bit about this. My friends - out there in life - all became family. I am so happy for that. For me, that was the best situation at the time.

Nice post Linda

Anonymous said...


this is the coolest post Linda!!!!

kisses on foreheads to all of you.......xoxooxoxoxoxo



Linda S. Socha said...

Thanks Judith for the warm and encouraging post.It is much appreciated...One of Twelve....My grandfather had 13!. Incredible when you think on it......Rhi frequently comments on how much she enjoys your posts and comments Naomi is Rhi's sister.....I appreciate you Judith


Rarely do members of the same family grow up under the same roof

What a great line to remember!!.I had forgotten about Jonathan...Glad to be reminded. I appreciate you and your courage B
Thanks for your visit and your comment

Anonymous said...


more kisses



judith ellis said...

Cool, Grandpa, eh? My mother was amazing. Never embittered, forever loving the beautiful father of her 12 whom "she loved next to God." For Sunday dinner at my house there were also some 5-10 others. For Christmas and Thanksgiving, we could expect a house of 60 or so. People came and went all day. I love the post as well as the comments. Your beauty, Linda, shines and sparkles.

Robert Lau said...

I love the way you wrote with HONESTY so touchingly simple yet POWERFUL. I salute you..Linda

Best regards,

Robert Lau

ps..I have been very very busy lately.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I appreciate that!

This was a beautiful post. I am signing up as a follower right now!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your tribute to Family. There are indeed so many ways to look at Family and even to define a family. Perhaps the Universe is also one big extended family, where we all work with and take care of each other.

Anonymous said...
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Jen said...

what a beautiful post.

I will be following along...

My family of choice is much more supportive of me then my family of origin, who barely know me, if at all..


Anyway, I will be back :)


Natalie said...

Hi, Linda! What a great post, I enjoyed it thoroughly.
'Family' is something that has driven me my whole life.I wanted to create one because my family of origin was so dysfunctional.For many years i lived with members of 'families of choice', how precious it was. Thanks for the memories.xx

Annie Wicking said...

What a wonderful family you have. I spent 25 yrs researching my family history and enjoyed every minute of finding out about my roots. If give me a better understanding of myself and who I am.

Thank you for dropping by my blog.

I hope we will meet again soon


Cynthia said...

I love the idea of families of choice, of course, sometimes when we form them, we have no choice...maybe our family is not available...but to say "choice" - I like that Linda...and your poem is a perfect celebration of yours! Thanks for sharing. <3

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

The definition of family is broad and all encompassing. Loved it. You always write with heart and love. Thanks for being a wonderful friend.

Karen said...

Family of Choice -- I love that! I have a brother of choice with whom I can share anything, and a brother of origin with whom I can share anything. Lucky girl, huh?

I find that I am forging bonds here in cyberspace that are strengthening my sense of self. Family of choice. Nice.

Rikkij said...

lovely thoughts and poem, Linda. And a great family to boot! ~Rick

The Seeker said...

Linda, you know that your name in portuguese means beautiful, pretty, lovely, and that's what you are, my dear.

This post is full of love, and what a great post.
I don't believe in coincidences, and I came here to apologize for not being here as I think I should, because of my lack of time, and I find this great post.
I think it's a message from the Universe.

I'm lucky to have my closest family of origin (sister and her family), despite being so far away from me (at Toronto), that support me a lot and I know they love me.
I have other members of extended family that don't care to know about me. Does't matter, my family of choice (hubby and friends, almost all from blogland) DO!!

So thank you my dear for your words of support and nice comments on my blog. Again I'm sorry for not comming more often.
But I'm like the stars, you may not see me but you know I'm here, so if you need me call me and I'll be present.

Take care dear, enjoy your time, many blessings.


much2ponder said...

Just popped over here to see what's new. Nice post and tribute!

CathM said...

Linda. There is something special about ‘family’... you capture it so beautifully in this post. Thanks for sharing!

Janice Thomson said...

Hi Linda;
Family and friends cross our paths for specific reasons/lessons to learn on both sides. Whether we learn them or not determines the drifting apart and coming together.
Loved your poem about your "gaggle of girls". A lovely post all around.

I've sent you an email about Annie's blog. :)

Linda S. Socha said...

Love and wishes for rest and healing and food for your soul darling

Love your post. I am in awe of your mom! I see where you learned as least some or your ability to appreciate diversity and your class and ability in doing it. I appreciate you! Rhi is my technical coordinator! To know her is to love her!


You are such a fine person and I appreciate your comments. You always say the right thing for the soul..What could I expect from one with such a fine sense of good musicals:>) Thank you Robert. It really is good to see you here. I hope your life is offerin the things you need for today and anticipation for the things for tomorrow.

Natural Moments
I do think we are one big extended family and that the possibility for just being there...sometime in just thought is huge...and powerful

So glad you have a family of choice...Sometimes the one or origin can see at a later time what treasures they have is their a gift.

Thank you for that comment. I love reading your blog and I appreciate you taking the time to share these thoughts about memories.

Writer on Board said...

Thank you Linda for your visit and your gaggle.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

a family of chice is a very good thing to create, but I also think, that one can also have a "real" family. one just has to watch out, that others don't destroy it!
I have got both and am very happy about it!
Thank you for visiting my blogs and for your nice comments!
love from Denmark, Sarah sofia

FlyingRabbit said...

Dear Linda, you have a really big and strong family, wow! Different people have different talents, it's amazing. How sweet! I'm so glad that you live in the family full of love and happiness.
I'm happy for charli that you choose her as one of your family of choice. Take good care of yourself. I noticed that your familiy don't always have the pleasant things God give. I will pray for your good health. wish you have a happy mood all the time.

Deb said...

Hi ~ Interesting - my husband and I have been having many discussions lately about family of origin and family of choice. Your post sums it all up perfectly. Love this poem - written from the heart! Take care.

Calli said...

What a thoughtful post, Linda! Families of choice is such a great way to put it. and btw~ I am so pleased you finally made entry into my blog. That's a feat! I am curious what browser finally got you in?

Hope to see you visit in the future!

JBA said...

I'd say you and yours have done quite well!

Do you consult or counsel!?!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'll be back!

Cynthia said...

Oh, a wonderful, smiling loving picture of your gaggle of girls.
And the poem is touching, full
of love and caring.

Linda S. Socha said...
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Woman in a Window said...

Family wound into poetry. Nothing quite like it.

Linda S. Socha said...

Jesse Darling
Thank you for the note.Hoping the day is a good one for you.
You are in my thoughts and I watch for your art

Silver said...

Such a generous heap of love i can see from your writings .. of acceptance and love in people irregardless how different they may all be..

You are quite an amazing lady, i have to say!!

LOVE and hugs in abundance for you from me..

Christina said...

Very good post. My family of choice resembles yours in many ways. Lovely photo.

Jo said...

Oh, what a lovely post. You know I love my family of choice almost more than my family of origin.

What a wonderful photo!

The Sea Wind said...


Thanks for sharing! You're very observing and reflective. I particularly enjoy the rythm of the poem. And yes, family is one such precious thing is life, yet too close and vast to be often taken for granted. Keep up the warm thoughts dear friend.


Anonymous said...

I loved this post. It was cool to read about all the differences between the members of your family - orientation, how many kids they have, if any at all, all the different types of jobs they hold from corporate to artsy, etc. Your family get-togethers must be pretty sweet with such a wide range of people.

Your picture post was so much better than mine. My picture was a cruddy tent, haha.

Linda S. Socha said...

Jacqueline Michelle...

I love your posts and
I find you very lovable! Thanks for being my friend and for your
comments on my blog. I like knowing you are there!

vixen kitten said...

Beautiful photo!

Who said you need blood to be a family. To me, your family are those you know without a shadow of a doubt will always have your back.

Proof that the bond of the heart is stronger than any blood bond.