Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Photo by: John P. Ford

This new poem is the result of reworking an old one from several years ago and workshopping with a fellow poet, writer and blogger at aeroman101.blogspot.com . Alex is a real inspiration to me and I love the sharing quality of workshopping with him.

The poem was a crying out against the disappointment and unmet expectations in relationships and a discovery of what relationships have to offer in reality.

Alas, I have always preferred to live in a bit of fantasy. I continue to gain insights from that period of my life where so much time was spent in learning what is really important and a little about what is real! One thing I have learned deeply is how essential words are to me.

Can you relate? I would love your thoughts both on the poem and your personal experiences in life through love and family relationships and how it may or may not impact your writing. Your comments and thoughts are welcome and valued here.

''The Pond Princess"

The Pond Princess stands before the one
Worse for the journey she has chosen
For what they thought was the greater thing

To Sir Johan they gave her heart fast
Now as she waits she knows (at last) tired and worn
Her fabric fraying under the weight of him

Losing itself, slithering away from her bones
With the force of a wind in her back as he passes
With never a word, even while holding her, loving her

Herself alone, she would have long ago
Mounted her steed to let the wind blow her hair
While she looked for windmills to slay

One day, words pierce her heart, pin her
Foot to the floor, slice her solar plexus, her breast
Blood flows down her garment. No one sees

The blood is invisible as pain
But the words pick her up and gently rewind her on a thread
While she turns, methodically, reconnecting her heart, the word sews

Knowing that strength will come at the end of the sewing
When she takes up her sword and the Pond Princess turns to walk
From where she is now, moving from where she kneels now

For the healing to allow what she knew (in her body) as it sways
And she looks up and hears the words say:

"Fly with the eagles or play with others who know where to find the day."