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Strangest Dream...Afterthoughts and Reflection

I had just gotten in from work on the evening of July 2nd when I wrote this post...via a Cracker Barrell Stop I could have passed on. I am sharing it as an exercise in intuitive thinking and as an invitation for comments and thoughts or impressions. Dream interpretation can be one of my favorite activities. I am a dreamer both waking and in the sleeping sense. I am often preoccupied with dream thoughts when dreams occur. I am a dreamer that leaves a notebook and a pencil by bedside to hopefully not lose impressions for night dreaming.

Early Notes-July 1st and 2nd,2008

I had the strangest dream last night that I have been trying to sort through today. It is and has been continually on my mind throughout the early morning and so I am hoping for perspective through writing about it. I cannot find the usual connections that I am able to spot pretty quickly in my dreams. When I am able to do this it is the connection that makes the message in the dream meaningful to me. I am into knowing what my dreams are about for me. It has had me taking deep breaths all day! To tell the truth I was reluctant to go to bed without writing this one out! THANKS for listening!

I have tried to think...was there anything significant about yesterday,July 1st, that I am connecting with on an emotional/subconscious level? I am unable to determine what it is if that is the case. I do not know of any significance for me about the July 1st date. It is no anniversary of any event I am able to identify.

I am wondering if there is a pattern in these fragments that I am missing or not yet able to see? Keeping in mind of course that dreams like this do not always make obvious sense. Here is the gist of it as follows. I am writing it out here to check out any thoughts or reactions or connections to anything that you may see... but also to help myself clarify any message for me or that I might need to have. You may know how I am about these intuitive messages. I believe this dream is an intuitive message.

Here is what I can remember after a long and eventful day at work following a restless actually frightening night.. The scenes have been playing throughout my head and throughout my client's therapy sessions and they have been a distraction today.

The Dream
I am driving somewhere, in unfamiliar terrain, in a very strong almost protective car. I did not know where I was yet I was driving easily, if slowly,and following a path with no real difficulty. The car feels like my black Volvo but a slightly stronger.. .almost armored car version of the Volvo. Yet, everything does not fit with the visual I get of SAFE CAR. I am not sure what the make of the car is in the dream... just that it felt as if it should be incredibly safe . Should seems to be the operative word in the dream.

There is an almost ominous feeling about the drive that makes me restless even in the dream. I am not sure why I am making this trip. I am certain it is necessary that I make it despite no information about its purpose or my destination. In the dream, I am having silent conversations with myself. I can feel increasing concern but can find no reason for it in my dream thinking.

It is like I am on a hyper alert. . . I keep... casually I think... looking out the windows but it is raining heavily and I am not able to see clearly. I check and recheck the door locks, front and back, to be sure that everything is in place and again safely locked. At one point, I have to lean over to my passenger to do the door checks.The windshield wipers seem to be not functioning optimally and it sounds as if they are making a bit of a whining noise that I do not like yet as I glance at them they are working. In short, I keep getting the message that everything is not as it seems.

I am with a very tall, possibly somewhat big boned,young man ...who reminded me a bit of a younger cousin Albert yet I am aware it is not Albert. I am not sure I even know this young man I am thinking to myself in the dream. His features are not clear to me. The more I think on it in the dream I am sure I do not know with whom I am traveling. Yet it is apparent we are traveling together and that therefore I believe we should know each other. The tone between us seems casual and comfortable and almost a bit upbeat yet I clearly know that I do not know him. He acts as if he knows me. I seem to be the one out of sync here. I keep thinking silly things like I don't think I really know anyone this tall and with this BIG feeling. At times, he reminds me of my brother Ed yet I know clearly it is not Ed. I just keep proceeding forward. I am driving.

Casually , my companion suggests we get out and look where we are. I think this is ill advised but pretend to him it is fine. The rain is lifting and I think at least we may see a bit more clearly now. We leave the car running but step out and walk around the immediate area. I have left the driver's door ajar I notice. I am now on the passenger side of the car and he is behind the car. I want to tell him to stay closer but know that would be inappropriate and in the dream I am again wondering why I am feeling this way.. I can literally feel the mist on my face and smell the rain. This is BEING THERE in a very real sense.

As I look around I see we are on a road a bit higher than the ground to the left so that we are looking down into a lightly wire fenced area that resembles nothing I can describe as much as a rice paddy! I think to myself... In the dream, I think where are the rice paddys of the world?? Where in the world are we?? I can see a good distance off so I just watch. I do not stray far from the passenger door and I again find myself checking to be certain that both back doors are locked while telling myself in my head I am being a bit obsessive.. My unknown friend is chatting walking and making what I think are astute observational comments that I am paying little attention to as I am concerned about something in the far distance that appears to be running toward us.

Almost instantly I am able to make out that a bear is focused on us and running towards us. What appeared to be a tiny distant creature is fast gaining ground and he is not little. We are definitely its destination. I am instantly in the car ( no mean feat with this knee injury) and I have the passenger door locked and I am saying ..get in the car,...get in the car...get in the car... and my companion is coming in what feels like slow motion....walking through water speed...Finally he is in the car but unable to move quickly to secure the lock . He legs are spread out and his arms hang loosely at his sides.

I literally climb over him and secure the lock with virtually no seconds to spare...Seeing also is he is not able to drive, I manage to get my foot on the gas pedal, by the hardest....he is a long tall big man taking up much of the leg room. and we slowly inch forward and then faster to avoid the beast....and his now fast approaching family in the distance. I am telling myself mantra like ...move forward....move forward faster... faster....and I do. I glance to see a full tank of gas on the register...thank God in this case... and I wake up absolutely terrified and taking gulping deep breathes not sure at first if I am here in my bed or there...wherever that was. I am in a cold sweat and cannot....literally move for several moments for the pounding of my heart.

That's it.