Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shy Calla Lily--Life in Black and White

Photo by: John P. Ford

Black and White
Since age six or earlier I have aspired to write poetry. I have no idea why. I do remember wondering why no one else I knew did the same.While my mother occassionally read poems to me, they were not part of the general reading available to our family..

I remembered writing in my head before early school years. Since, I was published in the Sunday School Bulletin around the first grade, I must have shared my poetry with others at times..

What I have tended to do since being a young adult is to not share poetry I have written. I would start a Poetry Journal, misplace it and then forget about it! Often, I would discover poems years later in so obscure part of the storage areas.

Part of my process of Self-Reinvention was to begin a blog for the purpose of sharing some of my poetry. For me. on some level, this must be akin to riding down Main Street like the nortorious Lady Godiva on her white horse.

It just seems to be difficult to do! It is easier to not write poetry. I love writing in general so it is a peculiar thing to me that expression through poetry sharing is such a challenge.

My lovely blogger friend, Sarah at The Lemon Tree recently shared an email with me asking why I did not write more poetry. I am listening to her.
I am thinking about her question. Here is my poem for today....I will let tomorrow take care of itself!

Black and White

Standing barefoot
on charred ground
where yesterday
dreams flowered

Intent against
wind of pain
wind of beauty
too much
black and white

She kneels
in shades of gray
to smooth
the ashes at her feet