Sunday, January 25, 2009

DANCING QUEEN....... Music, Dance, Feeling, Being. Love made Visible.


nouvelle vague "dance with me" from bande a part


Today, forgive me please CHARLI, JESSE,and SHADOW. I am playing hookey from answering interviewing questions! Alas ,my brain is resisting anything even minimally structured! I am caught up in music and dance thoughts!

I know STEVE and RHI and EZEKIEL and RIC will also understand as well as my friends who have given me wonderful interview questions in good faith!

I am in respite, I guess ,from a bout with a couple of weeks of a flu that caught
me when I was not looking!
Today, I just wanna have effortless fun!

All of that is ok. I will be back on track tomorrow. Today, I am being ok with going with the music flow...Ah...Sweet! Thanks for understanding all! As you can tell, I am feeling slightly guilty for my response lag!

No, I am not supporting T-Mobile necessarily but I do love this connected way they have created of getting their name and message across. I love art and self expression and connection with others who are open to it....even T-Mobile!

To me, dancing is the ultimate free style form of physical self expression where ANYONE can participate. It can lift spirits immediately, alter dark moods, enhance connection and open channels of feeling that few other ways can match.

Dancing can be shared with everyone from babies to challenged folks in wheel chairs. To dance is to love and express self. To dance with someone is to extend that love.

I am dancing in my head everywhere I am. You may think I am sitting demurely but that is not the whole story! I can listen to Kitaro's morning prayer and be at another elevation feeling wise instantly.


Please share your thoughts? Where are you in your dancing today?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Journey to the Creative Self begins Early.....

So many school years spent coloring in the lines and so little time or interest for bringing the arts into the world for growth, healing, communication and collaborative learning.

Your comments and thoughts and input matter here. What is the creative world to you?
How do you see it? What is your experience in this world of creativity? Self Expression? What are your fears about your own creative expression? What works for you? In an ideal world what would creativity actually be? How do you live your life in day to day creativity?

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Photo by: John P. Ford

Yesterday, I found a LOVELY and special comment on my most recent blog post from THAT GUY at MASS AFFECTED blog site. THAT GUY shares blog sites he finds of interest on MASS AFFECTED and features particular blogs at times.

I think of THAT GUY as a searcher of what he sees as blogger talent! A Talent Scout! I love it! Please check out THAT GUY'S great blog and his well done post here on behalf of PSYCHE CONNECTIONS.

I have to say I got another real smile later this evening as I read Alan's LAID BACK THINK TANK BLOG. Alan has created a recognition for the blog for the day and honored Charli at BROKEN MANNEQUIN. I would like to share that I see Charli and I as very much alike personal history and personality wise.

We share many things including a love for poetry and psychology and art....although we tend to approach things from different perspectives we often arrive at similiar places! I very much appreciate Alan's recognition of Charli and the great post he created for that recognition. Check out Alan's blog here. THANKS ALAN!

Much thanks to THAT GUY for featuring PSYCHE CONNECTIONS. This is an honor for me. The introduction to this blog is definitely thoughtfully and well done and much appreciated by this blogger! See what you think? I love the sentiment expresed! Thank you so much for thinking of PSYCHE CONNECTIONS and my attempt at blogging, THAT GUY.

THAT GUY and ALAN, You are noted here at PSYCHE CONNECTIONS for being caring, connected, great blogger friends. You are a fantastic connection and a source of new connections for us all in this blogger community. I truly believe it is all about connections! Please check out MASS AFFECTED and ALAN's blog and see who you can discover!

Your comments and your thoughts are valued here. THANKS!