Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bloggers Extraordinaire CHERIE, LAURA,TRACEY-ANN and B.J.Roan Pass on AWARDS! Thank you all!

A very special recognition to Cherie at Butterfly Dreamer for the creativity of originating an award with no expectations and for the purpose of recognition of Peace and love.



LEMONADE AWARD from Laura at Under the Sheets - Shh and Tracey-Ann at Pensieri senza Colora.

What a lovely surprise to receive the Lemonade Award from Both Laura and Tracey-Ann.

These great gals are two wonderful bloggers.. They are both talented and creatve in expression and they are real and caring. Please take a moment to check out their sites. I can predict you will be going back again and again for visits!

Thank you both so much for thinking of me Laura and Tracey-Ann. I love getting awards and I appreciate the thought and the sharing. The rules are that I pass this award along to 10 people.

Before passing this award onto other well deserving bloggers, I am asked to share with you five attitude and five gratitude things that you didn't know about me.
1) I am not a morning person. It takes me time and transition to come from the world of dreams and sleep to this reality.I do try to not talk before coffee and to be kind to the people who must endure being with me.. I am kind as long as they don't want to talk on arising.
2) I need about 7-8 hours of sleep nightly. Without it I can be very cranky and into self pity. This would be the perfect time for you to see my attitude at work. I do a great snarl.
3) I will turn around and give you a look of attitude if you are sitting in a restaurant booth and rock back and forth on my part of the booth!
4) I am not much for ongoing negative statements not laced with weird humor. I may tell you so.
5) I really do not like music playing randomly in restaurants that I did not choose..I may or may not like it. Now if a violinist comes by my table...all to the good . Otherwise, Please..allow me to choose my own music or keep it calm and low in the evening...unless of course I am dancing!

And now for my GRATITUDE list:
1) I am thankful for this life of sharing and connecting and loving and learning more about love.
2) I thank whoever is responsible for the idea that we are never too old to have a happy childhood that includes singing in the rain, dancing in the streets and playing in mud puddles.
3) I still write in a journal what I am grateful for on that particular day and at that time. I go back and reread those things I enter. I am in awesome realization of the diversity of life and the people I know.
4) I am grateful for the family and old friends and new friends and the wonderful blogger friends that color my life in rainbows. What an inspiration...really!
5) I am thankful for discovering blogging! This self expression is such fun and it has helped me learn more about myself and others and how we are all more alike than different. :>)

Thank you for sharing and creating this experience with and for me and you!

My wonderful nominees for the lemonade blog award are:

1)Artemis of the Eucalyptis at Slightly Unconventional Purple Pathways
2)Bast Crystal at Thoughtful Creativity
3)Cat at Wait. What?
4)Confessions of a Wandering Soul
5)Faith at Stones From My Heart
6)Kate at Blogging Is My Only Vice
7)Jewelery Girl at Jewelry and Junk
8)Jo at Flowers and Barbed Wire
9)Priya at Journal
10)Rab at The Seeker in Dreams
11)Self Proclaimed Mistress of Nothing at Ramblings of an Imperfect Being

YOUR BLOG IS FABULOUS AWARD from Julian at Hopeless Believer. To know Julian is to love her. Reading her blog is enjoying Open Hearted, loving and caring communication. Thanks Julian!

So, there are a few things you need to do after accepting this award:
1.)Post the logo on your blog.
2.) Pass it on to at least 10 of your blogger friends that you think they have a "Fabulous Blog".
3.) Please link me, Linda @ Psyche Connections in your post.
4.) Link the awardees as well.
5.) Let your awardees know you have passed this on to them by going to their blog and leaving a comment.


1)B. J. Roan at Rubbish By Roan
2)Cat Vibe at Witnessing A World of People and Places
3)Jacqueline Michelle at Or Whatever
4)Karmen at Karney Life
5)K. Lawson Gilbert at Old Mossy Moon
6)Laura at Under the Sheets--Shh
7)Rachael at The Waxing Moon
8)Rhi at Peanut Butter Bound
9)Rikkij One Big Love
10)Susan Sonnen at Musings
11)The Pink Cowboy
12)Tracey-Ann at Pensieri senza Colore

BEST BLOG THINKER from B. J. Roan at Rubbish By Roan.

According to B.J.:

“This award acknowledges the values that every Blogger displays in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values with each message they write. Awards like this have been created with the intention of promoting community among Bloggers. It’s a way to show appreciation and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.”

Here is the fun part. I am asked to pass this award on to 15 bloggers I consider worthy of the award. So although there are many more than 15 who deserve this honor, here is my list:

1.CathM at Catherine Mark-Beasant
2.Charli at Broken Mannequin
3.Cherie at Butterfly Dreamer
4.Christina at The Voice of the Sea Wind
5.Christopher at View From the Northern Wall
6.Cynthia at Epiphany: ReBirth
7.Cynthia at Oasis Writing Link (OWL)
8.Diane at COEXIST
9.L. Rochelle at Two Ghosts
10.George at Lost Night's Scribblings
11.Jesse at The Art of Jesse
12.Julian at The Innocent Piper
13.Jiggins at Con-tin-u-um and Refraction
14.Larry at LarryG Mobile Blog
16.Paul at Paul Chambers
17 Selchie at Thought For The Day
18.Alan at Laid Back Think Tank

I confess. Math has never been my best subject!


The Sunflower and Ladybird Company said...

What an uplifting posting! Something for all bloggers to try and acquire! Linda, I have again tried to follow your blog but it says "page laoded - but with errors" and then it throws me out. Everything else works perfectly except this one thing! I am starting to wonder whether it does not maybe has something to do at my side? But what? And when I click on your contact address it says that the page cannot be displayed. I will be trying everyday untill I can follow - have a nice day and congrats on all your awards! I am jealous!

RachelW said...

Thank you, Linda! Your blog is fabulous, too! :) Congratulations-- you deserve these awards.

Rhi said...

Thank you so much for the award! And for sharing so many things that none of us knew. =)

Alan said...

Linda- Thanks for mentioning Laid Back Think Tank in your post. Sometimes it has a bit much of bathroom talk, but what do they expect from a bachelor.


Rab said...

Linda - Thank you for nominating me for the Lemonade award. I am a bit new at this. Do I understand that I should display the lemonade picture, and award it to ten others? And is there a time limit, and what if I discover that those others already have the same award?

Again, thank you very much!

Shadow said...

wow, congratulations on all your awards!!!

jiggins said...

Hi Miss Linda and Thank You! I loved that post. It was very thoughtful and rang true with a very pleasant tone.

I appreciate you following my blogs -
con·tin·u·um , and re[frac]tion. It is really fun for me to have you all as fellow Bloggers... and sharing each others ideas and thoughts really enriches my day.

Thanks again and always:)

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Im deeply touch and honoured. Thank you for uplifting my soul when I was caught in an emotional rut.Read my latest post and you would know where I am coming from. Thank You once again. Btw, its 'wandering' though i do love to wonder ;)

Mathilde said...

Je suppose que "MATH" c'est moi !
A la lecture de ce commentaire, je me dis que vous avez du vous justifier auprès de vos amis sur vos commentaires élogieux me concernant ou un truc comme cela. Je ne me vexe pas, c'est plus que normal que vous attribuez des prix à vos amis blogger qui vous plaisent bien mieux et que vous suivez depuis bien plus longtemps ! De toute façon, je ne suis pas en attente de prix, loin de là, je ne suis partisane que de partage, de paix et d'amour ! Je vous embrasse. Mathilde.

artemis-of-the-eucalypts said...

Thankd for the lemonade award Linda :) I have only started following your blog and I like what I see so far!

Linda xxxx

BJ Roan said...

Congratulations on all of your awards. Much deserved! And, thank you for sharing with me. I am honored. BJ

Faith said...

Oh, Linda, what a pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning. I appreciate this so much and that you placed my blog in the ranks of such great bloggers!

Thank you so much for thinking of me. I am a behind on the awards bit of blogging and am still getting the knack of all of this. But I do want you to know how special you have made me feel. And I will do an awards post soon to spread the Joy:).

I will have to spend half the day following the links of all the bloggers you have posted. So many blogs, so little time:)

Priya said...

Congrats on your awards and Thank you for passing it to me.

Cat said...

Linda how wonderful for me to take my leave on such a high - positive note from you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!


L. Rochelle said...

Oh, thank you Linda, I'm so pleased to be thought of in this way! Best Blog Thinker! How did that happen? You have to know how happy I am..I will only think GREAT thoughts today...


Oh, thank you, are so sweet. :) I am glad that you enjoy "musings". And I think that your blog is simply FABULOUS! YOU are simply FABULOUS!

Rikkij said...

Yikes! Christmas at Linda's house. Congrats on your recognition. I too have trouble seeing your posts sometimes (says cannot be found) but eventually I get em. Not sure I can accept the award you so kindly offer as I am a little fish hidden in a corner. all the bloggers I know already have this award so I have no one to nominate! I feel like I would be breaking the rules and also that my having it might diminish the value of it by association. But I am so grateful you offered it. To know you did is enough. I'll hold it and wait til I can nominate some others. Your giving of it is precious to me. Thanks! ~Rick

George said...

Linda, thank you for considering me, for this award.

Your gracious responses on my blog are truly appreciated...

christopher said...

Thank you, Linda. I too have the trouble that I don't travel far and wide. I am far too busy to surf the phosphor. I stick close to home. No one to award this to is part of it. I accept all awards happily but not the conditions, so I don't post them.

Linda S. Socha said...

May I have your email address? I will be glad to respond to your questions.

steveroni said...

Linda I have never SEEN so many awards on one blog in one day. But all deserved...I know that!

The only award I could ever "run" for would be blogger-violinist of the week or something like that.

AND...I shall be the one to walk up to your table, and play anything you ask, from Bach to Beetles, to lots of stuff in between, up to 5,000 songs from shows, etc. That is what I do for a living. You will know me--I'll be the one wearing a tuxedo. Once, I told that to a prospective bride, and she wrote back, "and I'll be the one in the dress with wet armpits!"

I loved her before I saw her wet armpits! I love people with humor. (and even people who have not, I guess!)

Laura said...

Oh my sweet thank you SO so much for all of your kind words and for my fabulous award. I have posted it on my site and will write a post to accept this weekend.

You are too wonderful and really made my day...ah shucks!!!

mighty jo said...

thank you for thinking of me! & i can totally relate with your attitudes & gratitudes (especially as another NON-morning person).
thanks again.

Linda S. Socha said...

Thank you so much ladybird!
We are working to try to resolve whatever the issue may be on our end. Please let me know if improvement happens. Thank you for your determination and the comments. It is much appreciated.

Rachael W

Much thanks for your comment. I love your blog!

Much thanks sweets. You are the tech brains here!

I appreciate your comments and your multifaceted blogs

Thanks for the comments. I look forward to sharing more info . If I may have your email it would be great.

You are a constant inspiration to me and your blog was one of the very first I encountered. I appreciate you and your caring comments. Thank You

Much Thanks Jiggins
Love your stuff. You have really expanded in the past 6 months or so!! Congratulations!

Confessions...THANKS for the comments.I enjoy your blog very much! Sorry for the typo!!


I am coonvinced I am going to learn French with your help. I love your comments and it is fun translating them! THANK YOU

Thank you for your comments. I love the combination of casual elegance and fun that I find in
your blog.Thank you!

You are right where you belong talented lady. Right in the top ranks. Thank you for your support, your presence and for sharing your poetry and your journey

You deserve the recognition. I appreciate your blog.Thank you!

You are most Welcome!! Love your blog work. I expect we may have bits of the kindred spirit!

You are so gracious...and talented. Thank you for your wonderful comment

Rikkij. George and Christoper

(The sort of Three Musketeers...)

Three of my very favorite multi talented sometimes introverted, sometimes ruggedly individualistic, fantastic blogging friends.

Hey, I am a conforming non conformist ...:>) You will always find support for small rebellions here!!

I see these awards as tangible visuals or recognitions for what I view as excellence in blogging...and yes my obversations are from living. There is nothing I know of that would change my opinion of any of you. You may officially do as you see fit with this award.

So you may use the awards or not, pass them along or not, hold them in reserve or not,print them and hang them from you sun visor or favorite lamp or not or just hold them in your thought on occassion and with an inner smile know that you guys ( northern custom) are top notch..Really.


I expect I would listen to you play violin anytime! I look forward to your lovely posts and wonderful and, yes, funny but true
comments. Thanks for being who you are...You are good at it:>)

You are a light bearer....whereever you go and whatever you say.


Cynthia said...

Thank you for the honor Linda! I will get to work passing on the love right away! <3

LarryG said...

thanks i got my blogthinker award posted.
it's the coolest!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Linda, Congrats on all of your awards! Very Impressive! And thanks so much for passing an award my way. That was such a nice gesture and I truly appreciate it! ;D

Rainbow dreams said...

Wow what a list - and thank you, so many blogs to check out and add to my travels...cheers, Katie :)

Braja said...

Hey Linda, thanks for finding me. Some great bloggies in here, and some of my friends...:)

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Could you kindly email me at Im new to this and Im not sure what the rules are.Thanks for uplifting my soul once again:).

Anonymous said...

what an awesome post! i really needed to read this tonight, as it's been a rough week, and it's only wednesday! awesome awards you have over here! congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Oh Linda !!! Thank you so very much, I'm so honored by your award for me!! :) I'm so grateful to have you as a follower, your blog is so wonderful, and you share so easily. That is something I have learned to do from u and my other fellow bloggers, and I enjoy sharing things about myself. It is a way of discovering things about yourself u may have not ever realized!!! Again , thank you so much my dear friend, u are the best!! :) take care,
Julian :) oxox

CathM said...

Linda. What an exciting and uplifting post! Thank you SO MUCH for my ‘Best Blog Thinker’ Award. I’m really chuffed! And – I’m so looking forward at having a nosey into all the other blogs you nominated:)

The Sea Wind said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks much for the award. It was nice to wake up with your note yesterday. You're wonderful dear friend!


Cynthia said...

Hi Linda, thank you so much for this award. It's so gratifying to
have this honor bestowed upon me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment on my would be a pleasure to exchange links.

Catvibe said...

First of all, congrats to YOU who richly deserves all of these. And a giant THANK YOU as well. So nice! :-)

Femin Susan said...

you have surely got a lot of awards.

Michelle said...

Hi Linda, thankyou for your comments on my blog.

In answer to your question...not yet...but your'e welcome to email me at if you are interested.

I must figure out how to do that from the blog:(

Alexandra Garland said...

Great blog Linda! Thanks for sharing your thoughts - very uplifting and inspiring! I will visit again!

Rab said...

linda - my email address is rab at robertbeverly dot com

Thank you :)

A. said...

Your attitude look in the restaurant booth is a valuable one to have. I use it on planes (the kickers) and trains/movies (cell phone chatters.)


Self-Proclaimed Mistress of Nothing said...

Congratulations on receiving those awards! And... thank you so much for passing one along to me. :-)

Some day I will give out awards. I'm just going to have to create my own award and give it to the beautiful souls who share their hearts and minds here... like you!

Harlequin said...

Linda-- finally back from my travels and stopped by as per your invitation..... really like what I see here and decided to follow your blog... thanks for visiting my blog and for seeing the resonances .....yes, there are many!! looking forward to more visits and interactions...
and, ps, congrats on the awards!

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Thank you so much for the honor lovely Linda.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

A belated thank you for including me on your list. It's always encouraging. Diane

Sara said...

Wow! I sort of wish i would have gotten in on the awards!

BTW, I am a morning person. I'm the only one I know.

Sarah Hina said...

Congratulations on all the wonderful awards, Linda! And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to swing by. I'm looking forward to reading more from you in the future. :)

I don't snarl in the mornings...I growl. :P

Luke said...

i really don't know why, but i thought of you when i saw this.

Linda S. Socha said...

Thanks for the support! We non-conformist conformers need it!I appreciate your writing and your journey

Thank you so much. I have found so much to appreciate in your writing...and in your attitude. Thanks your spreading the love! You are filled with spirt from the observation point here!

Wonderful Larry.
I very much appreciate your kind words and your support. Love you loving poetry

K Lawson Gilbert
Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I love your poetry and your elegance of delivery of truths.

Much thanks for stopping by . I am glad you found friends here. This group of bloggers ( is that the correct term?) is totally extraordinary.


becomingkate said...

How nice! Thanks Linda. Have a good Saturday!

LORENZO said...

I thank you for all your support. I also notice that I am in good company.When I see your photo on a page as a follower, I stop to look it over and often follow you in the line of followers. Does that make sense?

Linda S. Socha said...

That is one of the nicest things anyone has said to me and I count it special. We are traveling some same blogger paths and I could not think of better company

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Congratulations on all the awards!
You have an interesting blog!
And there is something I've gotta say: I read on your profile, that you also have !All that jazz" as one of your favorite movies. I really used to love that movie, when I was young!!!
greetings from Scandinavia, Sarah sofia

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

I appreciate your humble friendship, and your unpretentious attitude with me as a blogger freind, I am honored that you would find my blog enriched with these principles and the award not lacking any further words indeed.

Thanks darling.....


Ms. Linda

You have put very meaningful poems in the sidebar. Thanks for sharing the same.

Naval Langa

Laura said...

Hiya sweetie Linda. I posted today for my fab blog award. Thank you again and I left a little prezzie for you on the left hand side of my blog.

janice_phil said...

great page...awesome...

Anonymous said...

Aw, thank you! I think your blog is fabulous too.

And I LOVED your attitude/gratitude answers. I'm definitely not a morning person either.

MarionL said...

Wow, we do have a lot in common. I've read all of the poems you have posted on your page and own the books they're in. Rumi is one of my favorites, as is Anais Nin.

I don't live near Monroe, but I'm familiar with Tech, having grown up in Shreveport. My 2 daughters graduated from Northwestern in Natchitoches. I live in the center of the divine state of Louisiana! My youngest daughter is in Chattanooga, TN while her husband does his residency, so I've visited your adopted state. It's beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your fabulous post!

Selchie said...

Hi Lovely Lady,Congratulations to you!!! No big surprise to me, your popularity. I think that was a rhyme, he he.
Thank you so much for the award. It was so much fun appreciating everyone.
By the way you asked me a question about when?... but you didnt say connected to what?... Please stop by and leave me the question and I'll do my best to answer... Happy day.

Occupied Funk... said...