Wednesday, October 1, 2008

May I present two bloggers of note

Light-Paint Piano Player from Ryan Cashman on Vimeo.

Blogging Along in Nashville

I am blogging along here in Nashville. I have to confess. I never thought this would be an ongoing activity for me. It is amazing what a little unstructured time can do! I hope it is not going to be one of those idle mind devil's workshop kind of thing.

Thanks to Rhiannon, my computer whiz , I am also learning a little about the technical side of blogging and she is picking up the slack until I learn more. Rhiannon is a full time second year college student in music . She is incredibly talented, energetic and brilliant. Other than that Rhi is a pretty normal 18 year old. We blog along together through email and telephone calls.

My eldest angel , Naomi is working to complete her degree at MTSU, running the business end of my counseling practice , running her own business, Sugar and Spice, and maintaining a home and husband in a country farm house. Naomi has also helped with the technical side of the blog when I was beginning and totally at a loss about how to proceed. Check out Naomi's wedding photos to the right of this post

I have been writing and rewriting poetry for years. I have always been a believer in self expression. My nephew, Marcus Banks, tells me blogging is an act of shameless self promotion. Hey, I find I can be ok about that if a little fun is involved.

Marcus, is an excellent, seasoned, serious, committed and fun blogger. You can find Marcus at the following link. I have adored Marcus since I first connected with his gaze shortly after my youngest sister, Jerri, brought him home from the hospital.

Here is one aspect of Marcus. Check his blog out.
I also learned more about excellent blogging over the past year through the posts of John W. Evans, John was a Northwestern student at the time Marcus attended. I first learned of John in June of 2007 at the time of the loss of his wife Katie. John is a poet, a writer, and an incredible creative survivor.

Currently, John is a Wallace Stegner Fellow in Poetry at Stanford University. From the first time I heard John's name, I felt some psychic connection. This is not something I have burdened John with or that I have analyzed much ( yes, once or twice I admit) or that either John or I requested from the universe at large.. In fact, we have never met. Please check out the link to the KMF.

John's blog can be found at

Finally, please check out John P. Ford's photo site. John is the source of the excellent photos I borrow from his site to spruce up my blog. John has spent the past 8 years refining his photography skills and knowledge. John is the eternal scholar and his ability to learn new things is pretty awe inspiring as the quality of his photos demonstrate.
Here is John's pbase site.

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Hi Linda,

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