Sunday, January 11, 2009

Journey to the Creative Self begins Early.....

So many school years spent coloring in the lines and so little time or interest for bringing the arts into the world for growth, healing, communication and collaborative learning.

Your comments and thoughts and input matter here. What is the creative world to you?
How do you see it? What is your experience in this world of creativity? Self Expression? What are your fears about your own creative expression? What works for you? In an ideal world what would creativity actually be? How do you live your life in day to day creativity?


Anonymous said...

Music. Music is the answer to all of those questions. Whether I write music, listen to it, sing it, play it, it's always the way that I express myself best.

What challenging questions! I loved them!

Linda S. Socha said...

Thank you Heather! Love your comment

Charli said...

I love this video, Linda. I would like to share it with some of my classmates. Can you tell me who made it? Or how I can find it on youtube?

Great find!

Art is what I live for. It's really the best thing there is, isn't it?


With two young daughters in school, my wife and I have taken a big interest in their schools curriculum. It saddens me to see that so many schools have taken away from arts, music and phys ed programs. While we rely on public education, we still do a fair amount of home schooling all of our own. Oddly enough our daughters encourage us to teach them those things. We will hop in the car and they will be the ones that want to play the word games or the eye spy games that we continuously create in one form or another.

Shadow said...

creative is everywhere, in a comment overheard, in the color of that flower in the sunlight, in the joy of the laughter from next door, in the words that i read on this screen. and when they come to me, they need to be expressed, in a different format, and so it continues....

BJ Roan said...

I write. I write every day. If I'm not writing, I'm thinking about writing. What I see, hear, and experience each day could be the basis of my next story, or that bestseller everyone wants to write. My fear. That someone will read what I write and hate it, or that no one will read my work at all.

I enjoyed my visit here. Awesome blog.

Sheria said...

Wonderful video! I share the concern expressed by others that when schools have to trim the budget the first things to go are art and music.

I have lived my life in music. My friends laugh because I can come up with a song lyric to fit any occasion. Eliot's Prufrock measured out his life in coffee spoons; I measure mine in songs, a lot more joyous methodology.

I find the experience of living in the world, connecting to others, to be a creative act. We are constantly adjusting who we are, reinventing parts of ourselves. To me, living well is about growth of spirit, mind, and soul. If you don't grow and cahnge, then life is stagnant and creativity is lost.

Thank you for such provocative questions.

Anonymous said...

Cool blog, I really enjoyed reading it.

Indigo said...

Creativity to me is expression in any form, music, poetry, writing...

Like everyone else I'm saddened that education cuts lead to the arts being first to go. I used to draw, paint, read to my daughter to fuel her imagination. There are so many avenues with which you can fuel creativity.

For me it's the art of trying to allow my readers to feel, experience my words as I have. For Paul (my other half) it's his music, the aha moment one of his students gets when a note hits just right, or they discover a different tone.

Great question, loved the video!(Hugs)Indigo

Ezekiel Barzillai Smythe said...

Love the video, Linda. I feel that creativity is in everything -- the way you look at things can make the subject interesting. Something as random as a squashed gummy bear on the pavement at the airport might make an interesting commentary or photo. I think that everyone is creative, since we all have different personalities that reflect back on things like how we were raised, where we were raised, etc. We can't help but be bearers of the past, and we communicate to others based on the principles we hold. I personally love all kinds of art, and am always trying to branch out creatively. It helps me explore myself and the world.

Thanks for the interesting post!

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

"if i tell everyone my stories, will this keep me healthy and well?A broken heart can make great art." these r the reasons i write.

steveroni said...

Creativity. Well, Linda, I fiddle around--I mean I play a violin. Frequently I stroll around tables in restaurants, clubs, and that's where creativity ebters, for me.

It is then I get to improvise with double-stops, changing rhythms, keys, fast, slow, whatever I feel.

Oh, and I write about what I do, feel, think, etc., on the blog...but I don't guess that would be considered "creativity". It's not like a well-thought-out scheme for a painting, a music composition, a wonderful poem--boy we sure have some good POEMS on these blogs! WOW!

I've said enuff...for now!


christopher said...

Linda, the right questions for a lifetime.

I had an affair a while back. What made it go, we got creative in it and around it. I hadn't written poetry for years, had left music behind. That's a long story.

But I started writing bunches of poetry to this woman and started back in music too. Neither has stopped since, about ten years now.

So I say, really deep loving fires creativity. Want to stay creative? Keep love alive, even if in its loss.

George said...

Oh, Linda! My friend, don’t even get me started here.

Creative endeavors had controlled my life to a point that I should be incarcerated in some kind of twelve-step program, hidden away high up in some foreboding mountain range on a forgotten continent.

My creativity comes at me as a disrupted force of the Pangian ground moment with the electrical storms that won’t allow anything to sit still.

Passion drives creativity then the uncontrollable urge to express it.

It’s a lot like water it takes the path of least resistance. Whatever the mind desires and can splatter it out there in reality is what sticks.

I spent my childhood behind a set of drums, did poster art for head shops around the Seattle area, in my twenties with the bass and then became a successful sound tech and recording engineer.

Music had consumed my soul with no chance of escape. I was able to break away when it switch to digital from analog. Soon after I became a single parent that I enjoyed that immensely.

While venturing into clay, jewelry making, an accomplished ceramic artist, landscaping and garden design, carpentry, wood, glass, tile, mosaics, stone, photography, writing, web design, poetry and had been trying to master multi medium digital photography for awhile now.

I’d long realized, I won’t be able to live long enough try all the things that I want to, or to come up with new avenues for it.

Yeah, you can say that I can relate to the YouTube video.

OK. Linda, I’m going to descend back into my studio, my passionate obsession…

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous... my mother-in-law said all women become creative in middle age, thats when we see their true selves...

Most things I do are creative, my websites, photography, dancing with my daughter, scrapbooking, sandcastles...laugh even my shopping list... I dont fear self expression I embrace it in myself and others

Laura said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love to exchange links with you etc. My comment to your post is that as children we are taught to color with crayons. The second we are given a pen and our crayons are taken away we tend to lose our creativity. My world is still colored in many colors through dance, writing and sharing.
BTW I was a social worker for 5 years and now am in the advertising and marketing fields.

LORENZO said...

Great ideas come from great bike rides...I like that line. It begins early and goes on as long as you want it to. Unfortunately, its usually the first to get cut in the budget of schools. It makes me want to call out sick tomorrow and get write,draw,sing, and live...instead of going to work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

thank you for always leaving me awesome and inspiring comments on my art blog. I began my blog with the intent of creating art to vent during my year of HEP-C Liver disease. I spent a year in Chemotherapy, and put it into remission after a year, that is until now. Yes it is back.

As far as creativity? What is that to the artist? I guess that I can start with feelings. Then I have to admit to obsession. I have found that creating art comes to me as a great idea. A momentary epiphany. A place where from a very early age I travelled and escaped. Creativity means having the capacity to get into the zone, and to stay in it like a thunder storm. It finished when it has passed.

I want you to read this, and it should give you an artistic definition for you. I shall share more with you on this aspect as I get to know you better. We artists are always asked for our pearls, and rarely comforted for it.... :)

No worries, I know you love me .... lol lol lol

kisses, Jesse Noe

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

What an interesting and creative blog!

Creativity is one of the most important things in my life. Yes, this starts when you are a child. I guess in this sense I have not grown up. :) I really enjoyed the video as well.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, by the way.


LarryG said...

it's important to reflect and create a magical vision of one's self. it should be required for all adults!

MoonWillow Art Studio said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping my blog. Love your blog! I especially dig on how uplifting it is. The world definitely needs more of that! Take care! Karmen @ MoonWillow Art Studio

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

For me it is art! Ever since an early age I have drawn and has been an everlasting passion for me.

jiggins said...

Creativity is how I get through my day! - be it work, or the music I listen to, or the graphics I create, or the clothes I wear, or the photos I take, or the food I eat.. It is how I look at and live in my life!

I love that I can see the shapes and colors and parts of my day in angles and lines and circles and bubbles and all of it.. I love how I can see that all and I love that I can share it with you and all of our blogger friends ! I love the creative side of me, you, all of us! I love it! Good question :)

Linda S. Socha said...

This is such a totally awesome blogging community. NO one could take exception to that statement if they have exchanged even a few words with folks here..

To tell the truth you are jewels.A garden of gems of every hue!
I love what you have all had to say and how you have said it and the life and joy your thoughts and comments bring to life here in this community and whereever they are found...

I love the caring and protectorship for the creativity of ourselves and our children and the determination to live to day...moment to moment creatively.

This community ( in THESE comments) is made up of

Musicians, photographers, hands on creative artists, writers, poets, creative parenting parents by choice , dancers, educators.

We are Way of the Peaceful Warrier Followers and lovers of life fully lived! We know who we are and where we want to go and how we dream and act on getting there!

What can I say?? Who could ask for anything more? In short, we are blessed. Each and every one of us... for the top notch caring and support we give to each other and to ourselves.

In spite of moments and even days of anxiety that all of us feel at times, My trucker brother would say....we keep on trucking....Hey I am great with that!!

Charli said...

Hey... Just got your message... Making sure I can comment. Looks good. Gonna check your profile now!

Linda S. Socha said...

Thanks Charli!!
All is well in comment land ....Not sure about the quirks of this Tech stuff!

Writer on Board said...
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Denise said...

So many responses to these questions, I love it! It's so great to find a community that you feel a kinship with. You have a beautiful blog here and I will certainly be back to get my fill of inspiration. Thank you!

Alan said...

Balloon Release 56 was found A LONG ways away. Read the story. And sign up for the e-mail notification so I can send you a quick link with everyone at once.


tony said...

I think we can Live Creatively ."Art" is/should only be a reflection of way we live our live.Art is a means to an end not an End in itself?
Art is a communication.A Dialog.......I think!

Cynthia said...

For me the more exciting creativity
is found coloring outside the lines. My daily creativity is writing, collage, making jewelry
or just thinking about any of the
above, reading and interpreting.

Laurney_liz said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I know that was forever ago, but I wanted you to know that I truly appreciate it. I love this video that you posted. It is inspirational. I am working in my own life to find find my inner inner passion. I hope that you are doing well. My prayers go out to you.

Laurney_liz said...
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Laurney_liz said...
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suzi said...

I would have to begin with life, its been one hell of a journey to this day.... so that would be first to set the creative... Each day no matter the source of its enjoyment or pain, brings with it a teaching a movement to growth... I've been travelling on a self discovery journey the depths of truth have always seemed to pull my strings, which changes the site before me into a metaphoric play to the likes of Rumi and Hafiz and others; havn't spent to much time outside a cirle of poets on line, but so far so good... I think my only fear is that somebody will think i'm too weird, but i'm dissolving that care, better to be just me... and share what my heart plays poetically... Poetry comes in the quiet of mornings that's really the only time I have for me... and an occasional Sunday afternoon..... I would like to thank you for your comments to my poetry blog and yes, i have added you to my favorite links on line, i'd love to chat about what we both hold in common, that would be wonderful.... Great questions here, Thank you, Suzi

Anonymous said...


I have a tag for you darling...


Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Creativity is what gives life it's color without that spark or drive we would all be drones.

monkey said...

i read this post this morning and i've been thinking about it all day. i don't have a simple answer. i'm not sure i have an answer at all.
my creativity is an albatross wrapped in a life preserver.
it bleeds me dry and then quenches my thirst. it drags me to the ground and then pulls me up with both hands.
it is the reason i exist and the one reflective truth in me.
thank you for posing these questions, linda.
it's always nice to challenge the mind when there are no easy answers.

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Creativity is a window to one's soul.You being able to express yourself without any inhibitions is a form of creativity itself.Love your blog.Love your inspirations.

judith ellis said...

Creativity is the writing of James Baldwin, Anais Nin, Ayn Rand, Virgina Woolf, and Toni Morrison.

Creativity is the music of Monk, Armstrong, Mahalia Jackson, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

Creativity is the art of Caravaggio, Jacob Lawrence, Vincent Van Gogh, William H. Johnson, and Georgia O'Keefe.

Creativity is drawing outside of the lines and thinking outside of the box.

Creativity is the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and Zaha Hadid.

Creativity is the products of Apple.

Creativity is a community such as this where we can come and be among others who are of the same mind or different indeed.

Creativity is the forming of the universe.

Creativity is you and me.

Thank you, Linda.

Chrisy said...

oh linda...what a wonderful little video...thank you for sharing it...for me..well art is me...there's no choice...

Laurney_liz said...

I would love to exchange links with you. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! I hope you are having a wonderful day.
God bless.

Laurney_liz said... should be there now!

John W. said...

What a wonderful video, Linda--thanks for sharing it! I've always struggled with whether self-expression is, by itself, art. I sometimes think it is, and other times I feel like art must be something more than the expression of something internal. Expression is important, but can be solipsistic, you know? I also feel like there are definite ends to the creative potential of the self. Sometimes you run out of steam, or come to the end of your own artistic line. Anyway, I agree: challenging and wonderful questions!

Missy said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my Blog. I'll be back by to read!


Marcus said...

Creativity is taking what already exists in the world, and shaping it into something new and meaningful. There may be nothing new under the sun, but that doesn't mean there aren't new ways of perceiving old things.

Cheryl said...

I'll have to think about this one, but I don't think I express creativity in any way.

I like your style and blog too! I'll be back to read and comment- provided that I can answer the question haha

Deb said...

Well - so much to take in here. Great post and so many insightful comments. I never thought of myself as a creative person, or as an artist when I was young. As a matter of fact, I would say that one of the best things about getting older is that I have gained self-confidence and believe in myself which therefore allows my creativity to flow. I now look at the world through new lens - and what a wonderful world it is! Celebrate!

The Sea Wind said...


So many questions which brings so much thoughts. You’re very good at inspiring us to think and reflect upon the precious things in life. I will keep my answer short.

Creativity means freedom and the nature is my very creative world. I found myself in it when I become one with it. It is also the place where my wildest dreams jump high and far. Yet, in most days, I found those dreams turn reality.

Within such creative world, I have no fear. Fear exist when I impose my own preconceptions toward life as well as when I try to draw a line within my own identity. Having no identity means freedom, originality and collaterally being creative. There is no need to create the New when we are being renewed in every beat of life.

Love you much and thanks for all you have done!


tashabud said...

Hello Linda,
Finally, I'm able to make it here. First of all, thank you very much for visiting and commenting on my blog.

The video on this post and the music is fantastic. Our world is filled with art, music, poetry, and stories. Therefore, art is very important to our human existence. Without art, we'd be limited on how to express ourselves and limit our creativity.


A. said...

The creative world nourishes the mind.

My experience - mostly a bystander, but I dabble in my own sanity-preserving projects. Sometimes a girl needs to pour out her soul on paper, and sometimes she just needs to play around with glue and pretty ribbons.

My fear - that I cannot put words to express that which is inside me.


Luke said...

i've found my creative outlet through music. my instrument of choice right now is the ukulele. i'm a bedroom strummer at heart and i try to play some type of music at least once a day.

the hardest part for me is not being too hard on myself for not being a better musician. it can be really hard to be nice to yourself sometimes.

i've got a little ukulele youtube page at

love you linda and i hope all is well!

FlyingRabbit said...

Linda, I did something strange when I was young. hmm, my kitchen is my chemistry lab. I heated the copper wire, then collected some ash from the wire , put them into white vinegar, then the vinegar turned green. Put some soda into it, you can see sediment. The kitchen is always messed up by me. lol

Self-Proclaimed Mistress of Nothing said...

Linda, I am so glad you "found" me so that I could "discover" you! You're just a delightful soul, aren't you? Yes... you are! And it's a pleasure to meet you here in the grand web of the internet. :-)

Thank you so much for your kind words on my friendship post. Alas, I have lost a friend. My husband and closest friends say it is for the best -- that she was toxic to me and to the social group I created. Still, it's sad. And I feel that, perhaps, I have failed in some way.

I'm really looking forward to learning more about you through your blog. I know that time spent here will be time well spent.

Many blessings!♥

Ghost Dansing said...

ok.... i'm hooked.... i bookmarked this place fer sher :)

Rainbow dreams said...

I grew up being told I wasn't artistic (which translated as creative in my school anyhow) because I couldn't copy accurately... and it took many years to shake that concept off and see myself and the world differently. Now I live with a man who helps young people tap into their own creativity every day - finding ways of expressing themselves in their very unique and individual lives. Often it transrfoms how they see themselves.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog - LOVE what you're doing here!! Thanks for the visit to Tie Dyed Tirades, please also stop by Free Spirit sometime - got a feeling we're kindred souls in many ways (smile)

Creativity? All of the world is a creative construct. "As a man thinks, so shall he be," (Jesus) - "We are what we think. with our thoughts we make the world" (Buddha)

Free Spirit at
Hippie Blog at
Eye Twitter 2 -

Selchie said...

What a peaceful video, made me feel filled up.)

Creativity? What a big question. Creativity for me, a need to express, a need to say something about the world that I live in, a need to share. Sometimes to create beauty out of ugliness or to remember something beautiful, catching a moment in time, to create hope, to bring me back to the present... I am here, now , creating...

happy day,

Thank you for the thought provoking post.)

jewelrygirl said...

I love that video. That is just exactly what I needed to see. It almost made me cry. Geesh!

I still have a very hard time calling what I do art, or calling myself and artist. It is really tough for me. Other people do, so I will go with that.

I do feel I have muses. Or else psychosis. I am kidding about the psychosis. I choose muses!

Thanks for finding my blog Linda. I appreciate it so very much.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

If I couldn't create in some capacity, I think I would die or go insane. Great set of questions,Linda!

Anonymous said...

Creativity is the world to me. Without creativity I would not be a happy person. My many crafts keep me warm and fuzzy feeling, when I slack off and don't do anything for a while I start to feel down. We are here in the world to be creative in our own special ways. When we aren't being true to ourselves and being creative, we loose our souls. Always be creative!!

Linda S. Socha said...

Love your comments. I appreciate you and what you have to say!

The Pink Cowboy said...

I loved this inspiring, I want to rush out and buy myself some watercolors. I once did a little poster with the words:
ART HEALS and sent it to the writer and artist SARK in San Francisco, I got a call from one of her assistants. I feel very safe and nurtured in this blog. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Alok said...

Hi Linda,

I am sorry I couldn't be to ur page earlier ...

Art is inspiring ... even though I have all through my life considered myself to be not so artistically talented .. I have realised over the years that art presents itself in varied ways and forms and even in numbers in which I deal day in and day out


Cynthia said...

So glad you stopped by Oasis today. I had a heck of a time adding your blog to my roll until I realized the word "heart" was missing in the address I was trying to list. No wonder it wasn't recognized! I love the video, it spoke to the child in me. I posted it at the foot of my blog for other's to enjoy (with a reference to you, naturally). I a little too tired to answer the creative prompt...please excuse me. I think my head needs a little rest. Goodnight! <3

Natalie said...

We were created to be creative beings!
It is our "job" to create!
From your morning makeup, to a tasty meal, to fabulous music, art and writing, creating another life through childbirth!
How can we not create?
What a wonderful gift we all have been given - or did we create that too?
Love your blog it is fantastic. :D

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Thabj you for your kind words, I would love to follow you blog and become friends.

Noelle said...

Creativity is everywhere, it's not just the music, writing, or art in any other form. It's really a way of life. Creativity is what moves us forward and has helped shape our great nation. I think also in terms of schools, as a teacher, I see too many children's creative thoughts and expressions pushed to the way side. I have third graders that already tell me that writing, music, art, etc. is just not their thing. I encourage them to create and celebrate what they do. NO child of any age should feel down on themselves about their creativity because this is where it begins...and they are our future. Personally, my fears of creativity probably come from my own long ago experience...the fear of rejection or insult. I do however realize now that creativity serves many more purposes than recognition or praise. It is an outlet and form of expressing myself that has made me unique from my fellow man. I connect to music, writing, and even lost arts like crocheting and cross stitch. Just a few thoughts....:)

Linda East said...

First let me thank you for visiting my blog for OWOH...and now I want to comment on the vidio that you have here...I can tell that this person had a great art teacher and a lot of blessings from God..I have had many very talented students in my 35 year teaching career and they would have been terrific artist no matter what I would have done, but I have had hundreds of students that would never have enjoyed the freedom of self expression with out me, and those are the ones that have become great friends and still contact me. God has blessed me with some artistic talent but He
blessed me more with the ability to share it and impact so many lives thru art. I'm sure you see clients that have been set free amotionally by expressing there feeling with art...I think that art is what makes the real world go round not the quest for the almighty dollar. I will be back to visit you often...sorry for being so long winded but you inspired me.:)
Create & Share
Linda (Icy Okla)

E. Michelle said...

Interesting a teacher I enjoy being creative and I've gotten in trouble for it many times actually. I just apologize and keep doing the creative stuff. Creative to me is the absence of ego.

gothic_chick said...

the follower link should be set up now


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

As I watched your video, all I could think of was WOW YOU ARE SO CREATIVE! What is art to me? Music, drawing, embroidery, art, nature...the whole world around us.

Shoozles said...

Oh Linda this was the best!
I became a mother of triplets and for 5 years my creative freedom was put on hold. I became sad and depressed and felt like a part of me was out wandering around aimlessly. Art can save your life. My mind is free when I am creating. 8 hours seems like less than hour. I think that is a Zen state? When I am creating my body does not hurt. I am not sad and I forget for a moment that life is complicated.

OOO and I truly hope Ajay is right because that means it will only be better.