Saturday, January 10, 2009


Photo by: John P. Ford

Yesterday, I found a LOVELY and special comment on my most recent blog post from THAT GUY at MASS AFFECTED blog site. THAT GUY shares blog sites he finds of interest on MASS AFFECTED and features particular blogs at times.

I think of THAT GUY as a searcher of what he sees as blogger talent! A Talent Scout! I love it! Please check out THAT GUY'S great blog and his well done post here on behalf of PSYCHE CONNECTIONS.

I have to say I got another real smile later this evening as I read Alan's LAID BACK THINK TANK BLOG. Alan has created a recognition for the blog for the day and honored Charli at BROKEN MANNEQUIN. I would like to share that I see Charli and I as very much alike personal history and personality wise.

We share many things including a love for poetry and psychology and art....although we tend to approach things from different perspectives we often arrive at similiar places! I very much appreciate Alan's recognition of Charli and the great post he created for that recognition. Check out Alan's blog here. THANKS ALAN!

Much thanks to THAT GUY for featuring PSYCHE CONNECTIONS. This is an honor for me. The introduction to this blog is definitely thoughtfully and well done and much appreciated by this blogger! See what you think? I love the sentiment expresed! Thank you so much for thinking of PSYCHE CONNECTIONS and my attempt at blogging, THAT GUY.

THAT GUY and ALAN, You are noted here at PSYCHE CONNECTIONS for being caring, connected, great blogger friends. You are a fantastic connection and a source of new connections for us all in this blogger community. I truly believe it is all about connections! Please check out MASS AFFECTED and ALAN's blog and see who you can discover!

Your comments and your thoughts are valued here. THANKS!


Shadow said...

hiya, i can't find your e-mail address, so here are your questions:

1. you are being unfairly accused of something. do you defend yourself down to the last point or do you let it flow off your back, it’s not worth the time and effort, since you know the truth.
2. of all the famous dance couples in the world, who would you like to be paired with, and to which song.
3. which superstition will you never chance breaking?
4. you have a whole day free. what would you be doing and with whom?
5. which is your best virtue?

thanks for playing. looking forward to your responces.

Shadow said...

well, that guys has it pretty spot on. great review of your blog it is!

Linda S. Socha said...

Hello Shadow!
I can be reached at Thanks for the Interview game questions!
I will respond soon!

Thanks also for the comments about the blog review!I appreciate you and your blog. Hope you will check out or stop and say hello to That guy at Mass affected and Alan at Laid Back Think Tank!

Indigo said...

I'll have to check out the blogs mentioned hon. I already read Charli and she is delight and wonderful friend. (Hugs)Indigo

George said...

Linda. I definitely agree with what THAT GUY wrote about your blog.

That's why the Psyche Connections had been one the places I enjoy going to, in getting my left and right hemispheres thinking on the right track and centered.

It has been a joy in meeting you.

Thank you Linda, for the warm responses on mine.

Jacqueline Michelle said...

Hey, congrats :)

You so deserve the recognition. That was a really nice post that was written about you.

Charli said...

Our little blogging world is so cozy and nice. You know, Linda, that I did Alan's balloon release thing today! I released five cards... I think he'll post it soon! It was so fun! Took lots of pretty pictures.

Shoozles said...

thanks for visiting my blog Linda I marked to follow you.

going to check your links now in your article. have a great weekend

Linda S. Socha said...


I think the balloon release thing is a great idea... my spirit is energy is lagging behind.:>( You know that spoon theory.... We have our family event tomorrow so I am going to beg help from the kids and see if I can manage to get in the balloon swing.. Wish me luck in accomplishing by delagating...what I think will be a fun thing. I have three photographers in the family nowso it could all work with the right

LORENZO said...

You grabbed the headlines Linda! I checked his blog out and found it to be a good way to go out and find some other great blogs. There are so many and so little time. I also wanted to thank you for all your kindness and comments on my writing. It is with your support and the support of many others that keeps the poetry flowing. I like your template, looking good.
All the best. LL


Hey Linda and congrats my friend!!!! YOur blog is well deserving of such a review :) I'm so grateful to have met u here and to be blogger friends with u! Thank you so much for your inspiration and encouragement! take care my dear friend,
Julian oxox

Alan said...

Thanks, and yes Charli, the post is up on Balloon Release with some of your awesome photos! One other funny thing, I got a letter back from Lever 2000, they refused to share with me the list of 2000 body parts. Read the post at OomBa Mail.

Rainbow dreams said...

It's wonderful when we get recognised and well deserved it is too...

and always enjoy Charli's blog... will pay the others a visit soon, Have a lovely day, Katie

Tashai said...

Thanks for visiting!

Congrats on the recognition for your blog. He did such wonderful post about must be just glowing right now. :)

Now I've got to check out the other links you posted.

Selchie said...

Hi Linda,

congratulations!! and very much deserved well done.))))

Christina said...

congrats on the great review!

Catherine said...

Happy New Year... and thanks for the links on this post..will be checking them out..

Writer on Board said...

Linda! Linda! Linda!

mighty jo said...

thank you for visiting my blogs. & thank you for your comments. i would love it if you wanted to follow my blog(s) & link 'em on yours. thank you so much. im going to go ahead & add yours to my list...i hope thats okay.

Alan said...

Linda- That is so cool. I can't wait to see the photos, and if you don't mind I will post them on Balloon Release with a link to your blog. If any get found let me know, that's big news here at Balloon Release World Heardquarters!
Charli's photos are great! I have let so many go, the day images are always so much better, so colorful, and her coat and hat and tha balloons, it's a just so HAPPY!

paulwchambers said...

always good to get feedback and be stimulated by the discussions from some of the great observations and struggles of life from blogland...

Rob Roy said...

I love your blogspot! Its like a breath of fresh air. Keep blogging!

Shadow said...

hey! thank you for your kind comment. you made me smile.

i'm so looking forward to your answers. you should post them on your blog, and just copy and paste the rules with them...

Natural Moments said...

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