Sunday, November 9, 2008

Illusions ....Poem and Understanding of Life...... in Process

As children we know that reality takes place on more than one level. We intuitively know that outer reality and inner reality need to be in harmony. We know that each has validity. If we are blessed as children we are allowed to live this freedom for harmony that we were born to experience.

As adults we may forget this magic knowing. Many of us spend our lives in reinvention of the wounded inner self while we work at redefining what is really important or truly meaningful.

This is a poem written some time ago as a part of a series during one of those personal periods of emotional internal sorting and healing while struggling to redefine what is real and what is illusion in the external world.

This kind of experience and sense of loss can feel consuming. It can become a lonely journey that no one travels with you. It is hard to see fellow travelers even when they may be standing with you and holding your hand.

This poem is a reminder to me of how powerful our thoughts can be and how deeply they can influence our experience.

Illusions...A Poem

Crumpled paper moons
Faded neon crayon promises
Mine and theirs

Walking through
Shattered shards of
Priceless Crystal barefoot

Up splintered stairs
With no rails....
Mindful of slipping

In my own blood
Toward a stream
of Faint Light

The real danger... always
Believing I travel
Anyway except alone


Blur Ting said...

You write beautiful poems. I always admire one who can write poems. I'll enjoy them slowly as I go through your blog.

Anonymous said...

Ah Linda, I feel I have once, no twice travelled those stairs... you write beautiful, tis special to be creative, but a gift to be able to share it..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem Linda...O to be a child again and have that magic back without the constant search of looking for something that may not even exsist.

I love the line Crumpled paper moons.

You write so well...Dont stop.

Charli said...

Hey Linda! Sorry I've vanished lately! (Got another infection... The chemo's killing me!!)

Anyway, I love this poem. You've created such startling imagery. It strikes me as sad and violent. Bloody. Lonely.

I hope you are feeling well. I love it when you post poems!

Anonymous said...

Hi thank you for stopping by my blog, and I truly enjoyed reading this post.

For the energy in words perhaps like the support of a great pice of paper is meaningless without something to make those letters appear to the human eye... and to the heart. One could do it in silentce, in chaos, even in peace, but without the company what is there? Perhaps more than is visible to the naked feeling.


The Seeker said...

Thank you so much for being at my blog and left such nice and kind words.

You have a very lovely blog, love your writing and beautiful poem.

Keep in touch if you feel like


The Sea Wind said...


I love your poem but I'm amazed with your reflection upon it. The lone traveler following a predetermined path, lonely even within the crowd is such a sad image. I'm sorry for what you had gone through; though I'm sure it played a part in making a wonderful woman you are today.


FlyingRabbit said...

Linda, thanks for another beautiful poem. I have read it several times. I try hard to undertstand what does the poem convey.
You said this poem was written during your emotional internal sorting and healing time. Is that the time you lost your lovers? I'm sorry to remind you of the lose. Anyway, I hope you find the harmony at last.

Anonymous said...

This is a great poem. You are such a good writer.

Thanks for commenting on/checking out my blog & for the birthday wishes.

Have a good one :)

Writer on Board said...

Happy Wednesday, L. Love it!

Linda S. Socha said...
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Linda S. Socha said...

I am blessed with such wonderful visitors and fellow bloggers. This means more that you can imagine when sharing writing... blut ting, abbey,cory,Charli, ( great to see you on facebook) jesse mendes, seeker, Christine, Rabbit, jacqueline michelle and Alex(thank you Alex for the Wednesday post!)

Thank you everyone for your very kind and thoughtful posts. This means so much when deeply caring folks take the time to respond.

Thank for for this support in my efforts to express through poetry and whatever appears for the day! I really look forward to hearing what you have to say and sharing your blogs with you.!
With much appreciation

Indigo said...

I've often found that someone who can give such a delicate, haunting image of pain, understands it intimately. Your words stir up memories behind I door I've padlocked shut in my own mind.

Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and comment you left for me. I loved that description of a spirit catcher. Every time we read someone's words they've shared a piece of themselves with us. Thank you for the pieces you share here, always. (Hugs)Indigo

Silver said...

i think it hits me hard, this one.

i do feel alone. even though i know i'm not.

thks. i am so blest to know you.