Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family, Friends & Reflections on Refrigerator Poetry


Home Reflections Photo
Photo By: John P. Ford

A couple of years ago eight folks in a group of long term friends decided to form a poetry group. We dubbed ourselves the Live Poet's Chowder Society. We have been writing poetry, reading about favorite poets and meeting monthly alternately at each other's homes. We have an evening of sharing our poetic creations as well food and companionship and whatever presents in the way of conversation!

One of the shared things from the group was a gift to me from Karen W of magnetic words to create poetry on the refrigerator. I did manage to get the magnetic strips out of the box and randomly arranged on the front of the frig. Alas, I have not done much else with them until tonight.

My children and their broods and significant others also plan a joint family event monthly, again alternating homes where the event is held. As I took a seat in front of the frig tonight with the thought of using my gift, I noticed many arranged lines where the words were no longer random! I have no idea who assembled what as no one has come forth to take credit for the short creations. I want to share them here. None is related to the other that I can determine. Do you have a favorite?


From never more.....

I like question

I need a cup of liquid coffee

My sister...
Open an old broken window
Change the hard blue universe

perfume...lip is pierced...young girl I will heal you father said

Perhaps green grass will dazzel that picture

A brilliant wet secret on hot magic cloud

This heart speaks out like a child at play

Concrete poetry almost sacred translucent morning yet they know not

Time to pick a flower

Over ferocious daughter trust live laugh blush bring men of, he too must

Make marbling

Always woman

Some delicious fever

I am over crap

Smile (this one from me)


jiggins said...

Ms. Linda!

Great post. I love the idea of your and your life-long friends getting together and sharing creativity every month at one another's homes.. I love even more that your family does something similar.. how great all that is! The fridge poetry has always been fun to have around.. tho the lines that appeared on your fridge were a bit more fun and thought provoking.

My favorite :

"This heart speaks out like a child at play"

I love that. Thanks for sharing this. See ya on the next post!

Indigo said...

Now I know what I'm adding to my holiday list of wants. Refrigerator poetry. Will definitely beat anything else that is up since the kid left home.

I'm a huge Poe fan so..

From never more - spoke to me as the ongoing story of love and life...

My favorite like jiggins is "this heart speaks out like a child at play"...I would so love to use that quote in an entry soon. With your persmission of's eloquent and freeing.


Linda S. Socha said...

Thanks Jiggins! Good to have you visit! Love your favorite!
Indigo agrees with you . Indigo, yes please the line you loved as an entry. I appreciate your comments.
Check out this blog
This is the blog of Rhiannon ...the family member who
is teaching me the technical aspects of blogging.

Charli said...

Hi Linda! What a fun thing to share! And it is a gift from the universe since you don't know who changed the words around!

My favorite: "A brilliant wet secret on hot magic cloud"

I used to play with magnetic poetry and found that it helped me in my poem writing. Have fun!

Jacqueline Michelle said...

Sounds like a neat group. I love getting together with other creative people. I find I get the most inspiration that way.

The fridge magnets sound awesome, I wish I had some. I like:

perfume...lip is pierced...young girl I will heal you father said

the best, I think. I don't know why.

Rhi said...

"Time to pick a flower" - definitely sounds like a Naomi quote. And thanks for helping me get started on my blog. =)

Liquid said...

First, thank you for visiting my blog! I love new personalities in commentary.

This idea is wonderful! I have visited friends who have such magnets on their refridgerators and always add my "two cents".

But I never thought of bringing it into my home as a means of expression for the children and I.


Make it a beautiful day!


Writer on Board said...
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luke said...

Hi Linda.

"Time to pick a flower" was my favorite. It makes me think about how often I forget to focus on the little things that give me happiness.

It's so nice you have a creative community you can share with. I attend a monthly ukulele jam now and it is just such a good time. Finding other's that can share in your creative outlet can be so fulfilling!

Writer on Board said...
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lili11 said...

I love 'time to pick a flower'. It sort of reminds me to do sometin sweet and nice ...

Cory said...

Hi Linda, your evenings sound like a great idea. I love meeting up at friends houses and having girly nights in like this....can i come lol.

I have two favourites:

" This heart speaks out like a child at play "

" From never more "

Great post, i loved it.

Atlanteaness said...

Hello. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. That song and singing it with the last likely person on this Earth, left an impression and the song stuck in my head for days. Therefore, I had to share the experience.

Your post here is hilarious, not that it is funny. I have used these magnetic sets for learning other languages, and the thought of poetry from it makes me chuckle. But as I read through, I was quite impressed at the creations. I will be back to check out your blog in depth later on. Have a nice one.

Cynthia said...

Love that poem, and she gets
richer and deeper the further
one reads. A beauty!