Friday, September 19, 2008

The Dozen Cousins and Taps on Table Tops.

Uncle Ross
sang bass
And Uncle Raymond
took lead

Uncle Bob Was a sweet tenor
and sopranoes and altos
were everywhere.
I wanted to be both

Aunt Nan
And Aunt Eunice
sang those golden bells
and Aunt Marie said
Lets try that one
one more time.

If we wanted to sing
We had to behave
We could not fight and
Yes she saw us

How did we feel
about being called
The Dozen Cousins?

Mama said to remember
we would be in the Lord's house
See if you can do better than the boys
she would whisper

She was afraid they would throw
us out of the church
if we were not sweet
So we learned to be sweet
with a mean beat

Once when we stayed awake
after the real musicians
went to bed
we danced too much
in the yard

Uncle Raymond caught us
and made us get up at 5:00 am
Did you know
It is not even
light at 5:00 am

We played taps
on the table top with
the old loose knife
from the drawer

We had to
fight to get it
And not let
Aunt Margaret catch us
Cause she said
we had to share

Donny rang bells
with half filled
water goblets
except the one
he threw the
snake in.
You could barely see it
Donny said.

Sonny played
drums with thumbs
and knuckles
on chair legs

We could all hum
a mean comb
and play
crooner sounds
with hand jive.

We loved to
do the twist!
Norman taught us all
Norm won the prize
for doing the splits

Though he lost his seams
down the back
the night he won the 100 dollars
He never missed a beat.


Writer on Board said...

That was great fun and a vivid tale. Thank you, Linda.

FlyingRabbit said...

Is it a tale or did it really happen? I want to join it. I think I can play both the base and baritone. Never the tenor, or I'll kill you all.

Linda S. Socha said...

Thank you Rabbit!
It would be a wonderful event to have you there! Soon! Yes, it really happened and it is a tale as I remember it. I come from a long line of traditional gospel singers and musicians. Thank you for sharing it. Those fun memories are another kind of sacred place in life for me

Linda S. Socha said...

Writer on board

Much thanks for your participation
I see I can learn much here about music I love without knowing much about it.
Thank you. The energy on your blog posting is lovely...and touchable

Charli said...

This is a wonderful work. You have really painted a picture for us. I can see it so clearly and feel as if I am almost with you, one of the dozen cousins.

Linda S. Socha said...

Hey Charli
You are one of the dozen....always. It is a baker's dozen! When you get well enough to come to Music City Tennessee, I will show you where they were then!