Friday, May 9, 2008


Sack cloth
Ashes and Leomonade
Lost chances,
lost romances and
making the best of it.
Whatever it is

Not at all what I thought
it would be all about
in the Golden Years.
Yet here it is....
Struggling to keep walking

While refrains of the spirit of
Carpe Diem
thought lost or elusive
still remain
too close for comfort
clouding the horizon

Not without fear to
the heart of even
this optimist born,
Dancing through Moulin Rouge
could be a mistep
considering all

While throwing in the towel
wishing to be 15
still in the middle of
the joy of everything is
yet to come... to she who waits.

Little comfort is gained
from dreams of
an eternal playmate
at your side
In anticipation of
soulmate sharing ,sustance found

You know the one?
Mary Jane and sniffles
Poor poof piffles
Make me just as small as sniffles
and off to adventure land
by the shear will of it

Entering into the storybook world
by magic incantation
fearless of even
fire breathing dragons,
exaulted in that perfect playmate

Always able to return
home comforted
Full of places visited,
kingdoms won.
Knowing knights are knighted and
order restored to whatever

That time when
summer seemed eternal and
winter just a blip on the
universe of all
things lie ahead of us still.

Lost in the universe of
what might have been
too many could haves
like oil and water
won't be an easy mix with
looking at what is

Even while rewriting the
script for one more act,
incorporating the
stage at hand,
knowing tarnished troubadours

Sack cloth, ashes and
lost maps to Treasure Island
may be the crux of it,
What might have beens are
hard to lay down.

Lss May 5, 2004

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