Friday, May 9, 2008


and All That Jazz
How I loved you
while you stood
horn in hand

Yourself draped
on the threshold of
a dream house
split level stairs
looking only at me

Something too grand and glorious
even to be put to music
Shining and Becoming
the Me I saw
reflected in your eyes

Razzle Dazzle
tap dance shoes
Silver Sparkles, Chrome toes
Clunky high heels
anything goes

Step to the left and
shuffle to the right
smile just right
checking it out
I don't think so

Long ago, presenting
short black lace gown
& baby doll panties
draped casually over an arm
Prentending to be fearless

Are you going to wear that?
You said.........
Understated as always
seeming incredulous
Smiling knowingly you

No...I don't think so
I thought to myself.
Tonight remembering
I wonder
Where did I ever put that outfit?

Here I am
There I was
Standing in that window light
Where talk is of placing photo
subjects to be less uptight

Black and white balance
Learning a lot, learning a lot.
Notice the detail!
The hours, the hours
Hello. Hello.

Heel Toe, Heel Toe
Whirling, twirling
Dervish like turning
catching the light
Did you notice?
Probably not...

Somethings it seems
one just expects
to be there
What need to look
Is something gone you ask?

Who were those guys in
the forties and fifties
who played those arch top
Epitone Guitars
broadway movie score style

That they seemed to
look and see
What was there
in front of their faces
Here and now
with or without light

Razzle Dazzle
tap dance shoes
They never die
Like old indians
they just fade away

I am, you are, the music played
Good night Jimmy D
Where ever you are
Heel toe Heel toe

Lss May 23, 2003

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