Thursday, July 22, 2010

The One Book by Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamada

The purpose of the 1 book is to inspire you to discover and celebrate your special gifts and, above all, to share them with a world that truly needs you.

What a lovely way to start and end a day~


Marion said...

What a beautiful, uplifting, life-affirming video, Linda! Thank you for sharing it. I've missed you. Blessings!!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

DB said...

that's a great idea, to know yourself and to share yourself.

Rick said...

Hi linda! You always find the positive and encourage all. Pretty cool. ~rick

Lady Prism said...

Hello Linda!

Goodness, it's been such a long long time since I've last read here. It's still as inspiring as ever. I have a lot of your posts to catch up with. I'm just glad to have found your link again! Hope everything is well.

I see you have an FB account. I'll send a friend request. Take care. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

I think that widom is found in the letters and words from good books like this one, and from the hearts of our friends and families.

Staying in touch with my friend....


asphara said...

I love your writing - powerful, existentially resonant stuff. I am really interested in the beautiful uses poets put psychological, critical and philosophical insights to, and your work is a rich tapestry of these. Great stuff.



steveroni said...

Glad you dropped by--so I find YOU (in July?--grin!!!) hopefully of the same good spirit I remember.

Loving life, and loving YOU!
Steve E

Silver said...

Have a blessed week end!

I posted something today. Good to be back but not sure i can post as often as i would before due to work.

But it's good to be blog walking when i can again..


Rick said...

Hi Linda! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. You have one of the most inspiring blogs in the entire blogosphere.

gusDon said...

See reviews in this video, I remembered the request of a friend who wants to write a story about lovers who are in distant and unfamiliar place through facebook ... Is love can happen even if not met?

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izzy said...

Landed here and thanks for the 'shot' of positive!