Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blogger and Facebook Community Word Collage for 2010 and 2010 Predictions from........ Beyond

Here are the fun and inspiring responses to my request to the Blogging and Facebook Community for their two to five words of importance for them for 2010.... so that I could gather a word collage I am sharing here!

I am a believer that when more than one person gathers together with positive intention the result is magnified. Special thanks to contributors, Alex, Jessica, Ravy, Sheria, Tisha Marie, Jerri, DB, Chuck, Ryan, Beverly,Shila, Bev , Natalie, Marcus, Sharise, Tracey, Stan, Kerry, Steve, Rick, Mary, Cindy, Rohn, Karen and Cynthia

I have also lifted a great video on intention from Sharise
2010 Predictions from.....BEYOND that works with our words.See what YOU think!
Love and Happy New Year.

"reflection, learning, optimism, recovery, continuing education :)"
"love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control"
integrity, compassion, joy, responsibility, and ethics."
"Strength, courage, wellness, and faith"
In God we Trust!
Happiness- love- friendship-knowledge
"Overcomer, Live with Intention...."
Write better. Publish.
Maintain an attitude of gratitude
Peace. Enough. Free. God. Love.
Linda thanks for asking me for my five all-time (well, for this month) important words! And I thought carefully before sending, believe me!
Love ya, girl.
Balance Dogless
Overflow. Energy
ease, simplification, balance,
love respect, time, giving, listen, connection
That was fun...hope you'll send the result!


love love

I am still thinking on the words...:>)
"health,wealth,happiness, love peace. Not necessarily in that order. :)"
Happiness, comfort, relaxation, appreciation, harmony.
calmness, compassion, confidence,
& most important loving joyfulness.
acceptance, acknowledge, embrace, hope, and love.

redefine, prosperity, health, abundance, peace

"ooh, can I play again? Chocolate, Cotton, Silk, Glass, Blue"


Lille Diane said...

Thank you, Linda. I loved this. The video gave me goose bumps, and just the right message I needed to hear. Happy Happy New Year to you, precious soul~

DB said...

A great collage Linda. It covers just about everything.


ANNA-LYS said...

Happy New Year, Linda

Myst_72 said...

Brilliant Linda ~ much to think about there :)


Steve E said...

Hey Linda, I LOVED reading the "Most Important" words from your Peeps. Loved it! What a beautiful idea...and yes, you DID cheat--but it's YOUR blog--grin!

So glad to have this connection with you at the beginning of another year

(And I love the word "Linda" and its Spanish meaning. Yesssss!)

Marion said...

That's awesome, Linda!! I'm already inspired creatively and am working on my exercise resolutions. I wish you a very Happy and Creative 2010!!! Love & Blessings!!!


The post was GREAT Linda and the video awesome.
A happy new year to you and may it be a healthy and peaceful one.


Sheria said...

What a wonderful project and an inspiring result. The video aded the perfect touch. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

Karen said...

Happy New Year, Linda! Thanks for pulling this together for us!

Dave King said...

Intriguing. Almost you convert me, certainly you interest me.

Lyn said...

Now this is just about perfect..wonderful idea!
Cheers and blessings for the New Year.

Writer on Board said...


Alexandra Garland said...

Great post!! Thanks for the upliftig message!! The video is awsome!!

Harlequin said...

this is a lovely gift to all of us; and I loved the last line.... what a great combo!

Bananazക said...

Very nice song, Happy New Year

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

How inspiring!!! Great job all!

Mathilde said...

Linda mon dieu, ma famille de blogueurs s'agrandissant de plus en plus, avec la nouveauté en plus depuis quelques mois d'être en lien même dans la vraie vie avec des blogueurs d'Avignon, je n'ai pas pris le temps de venir vous visiter et je m'en excuse. Je ne vous ai pas oubliée pour autant, et comme en France on a jusqu'au 31 janvier pour souhaiter ses vœux pour la nouvelle année, j'en profite pour vous souhaiter avant toute chose beaucoup beaucoup d'amour ! Quand on a l'amour on ne tombe pas malade, on se sent assez fort pour affronter des dragons et du coup on trouve l'énergie pour trouver un boulot qui permet de payer son loyer ! Bonne année 2010 Linda, avec tout ce qui vous plaira surtout ! Je vous embrasse.
Mathilde d'Avignon en Provence (France)

Judith Ellis said...

Happy New Year, Linda! All the very best to you and yours. Wonderful words!

The Seeker said...

I'm still in a awe, my dear! Just amazing.

Happy New Year to YOU!!!
Thank you so much for the comment on my blog.


Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

My word would be "hope".
Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...


icelandton said...

amazing and grate piece of art. its more than cool, its just the right message.

david santos said...

Hello Linda! (lINDA portuguese name)
I loved your work. Congrats, have a nice weekend.

much2ponder said...

Oh sorry I didn't get to share my words. I think they may all be in the mix some place. For the coming year words I hope to live by and experience are: acceptance, acknowledge, embrace, hope, and love.

The Sea Wind said...


Thank you for your frequent visits and for not giving up on me. It means a lot to have you as a friend here in the blogosphere and in spirit. You're truly special, dear friend.



There are a lot of folks looking favorably forward into 2010.

We need to switch gears every year but, moving away from the slow, steady and stubborn OX, to the quiet and then quick Tiger, can be a challenge for some that are still on a consistent mode.

Get ready to pounce!... or just get out of the way. It your free will.

Anonymous said...

I like the abundance of positive words. :)

laughingwolf said...

happy 'year of the tiger', linda :)

willow said...

Hey, Linda, my new writer's prompt photo blog is up and running! Pop over and sign up for the first challenge for February 16.

Beach Vintage said...

Hi Linda. Thanks for all the inspiring words and thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

human being said...

i cannot watch the video... but the collage is great...

as you read on, you feel you are immersing in a cleansing and refreshing media... the words touch your skin but the vibration goes deep inside... and the true meaning of these words appears on the surface of your consciousnes:

learning... it is not just reading some books... i can also learn from watching a cat playing...

optimism... it is not just repeating some positive words... it is our real intention...

reflection... it is not just sitting and pondering... it is actively living in the moment...

continuing education... it is not just that piece of paper indicating we have an MA or a PHD... it is gaining the maturity and wisdom through the life's ups and downs...

recovery... is not just some forgiveness or amends... it is being truthful to the new perspective...

love... is not just being together and clinging... it is letting go and leaving...

oh... i can go on nonstop...

thanks dearest Linda for this mental swim in the lake of consciousness... it was so healing and refreshing...

every time i come here, i leave with some sparkling gems...

love and peace to you

joanny said...

Magpie tales--

I was going down through the list on from Willows Magpie -- I wanted to read every one's from the names on the list -- that they took the time to write -- I am pretty busy so I am reading the blogs when I have time. I clicked on your name and came to this blog? but no tall tales here-- however I was not disappointed there was an interesting youtube 2010 . . . loved it
the dowsers daughter

Anonymous said...

If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.............................................

Cynthia said...

Hi Linda, this was fun and turned
out to be a terrific project.

Please stop by Poemflesh and read
a great dialogue I had with
Eileen Tabios and please do leave
a comment of your thoughts.

Writer on Board said...

Thank you, Ms. Socha.

chiccoreal said...

Really love being Zen too. It is great to find a person with like interests! I love your poem construction with all the positive vibes we need to make a better now. Thanks Socha!

Silver said...

Hey you!!!

Goood to see you in bloggersphere!

Anonymous said...

幫你推個文~~期待更新!加油啊! ........................................

Anonymous said...

What a truly amazing video. It was enlightening and the feeling of oneness and unity was so strong.
Amen to the future!
Way to go young ones also!
I want to be alive here for this!

Thank you Linda!



P.s guess what word I typed in word verification aments
Yeah it as AMEN it it!

suzi said...

Hi Linda, been awhile since i've been on. This was wonderful.. Thanks so much for sharing ~ I loved reading the collage words outloud they really were amazin when pulled all togetner.

Anonymous said...


TechnoBabe said...

This is a large collage, but I guess when it is part of the online network it is large.

steveroni said...

Linda, so GooooD! to hear from you in a comment on steveroni. Thank you for dropping in.

How about a few words on your blog one day soon, to let us all know how YOU are doing, and how books are selling, and how many books you are working on now. T'would not have to be elaborate, ya know?