Thursday, September 3, 2009


No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick.

I know you've seen this post many times today and you may think it's silly, but consider re-posting it anyway.

Keep the chain FOR LIFE going!


George said...

Nice Linda,

After all we are of a global family, we really need show love to one another.

I'd always considered poverty as the number one cause of death in this country, those who can afford to live better and have affordable health care live longer of a higher quality of life.

Those who can't are considered the "acceptable death index".

Makes you want to hug an elitist government politician,, doesn't it!

Linda S. Socha said...

Thanks George.
Some of us know this problem intimately in our families and with our friends!
Love seeing you online! Hope your Holiday is the one you would love to have!

Steve E. said...

Thanks, Linda.

BTW, was that "old-car" and "old-lady" thing (email) having to do with an "old-scooter" and "old man" thing?

Mr Paranoia --grin!

Chrisy said...

It is just so unnecessary that this is happening...why is that other countries (including here in Australia) can provide free health care for everybody...I just don't understand it...

Karen said...

Thank you, Linda, for such a beautiful wake up song this morning. One Love - one family. We'd better remember that and act on it before it's too late.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Thank you. The status quo is a form of abuse and must not be allowed to go on.

Shadow said...

i totally agree. and yet, this is happening more and more, all over the world!

Marion said...

So true, Linda. I'm one of those without healthcare and I pray every day that I don't get sick. My husband and I just paid off our home we worked almost 30 years to pay for and we could lose it all overnight if I have a major illness. Our country's leaders should be ashamed that they've let us go this long without good, affordable healthcare. Blessings!


Everyone is entitled to proper health care regardless of age or nationality. I was/have been discriminated because I am epiletic,I am not ashamed of the illness, it lives with me and not me with it, but even some medical people have not been very forthcoming. I have only had one seizure in 4 years but it still
hangs over my head like a bad smell.
loved your post and well done.

Silver said...

:) Hi sis. You're right. I see this everywhere i turn.. but i don;t mnd. Not one bit :)


CathM said...

Linda, I totally agree about everyone's right to access free health care. And, as someone who needs to rely on the NHS - I am so grateful and indebted to having this system (albeit, not perfect) in the UK... as I would struggle to afford health insurance, etc. Thanks for reminding me of my blessings.

Judith Ellis said...

Simply, yes, Linda. Thank you.

The Pink Cowboy said...


I say health is more important than weapons and keeping a powerful army.

We are ONE nation, we must take care of everyone.

RachelW said...

It was beautiful to see this go viral on Facebook a couple of days ago. As a friend there pointed out to me, it's a no-brainer in Canada. I hope the US will soon be a better and safer place to grow old.

Alexandra Garland said...

Linda, Very good post!
Everyone should have access to healthcare, no question about that. Hope the debates will bring positive end to the issue.

Rikkij said...

Linda-I love that you're always thinking of others. You have a very kind heart. ~rick

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

Linda, I have been blogging and podcasting about the health care mess and the economy quite a bit in the last 4 weeks(my blog is only 4 weeks old). It's a real strong subject to me. I also discussed poverty very recently (see the posts)The podcasting is sure fun too, as words spoken words express more than written. Some of my blogs are a little bit controversial, so may I apologize in advance for anything you read that may offend you. There's nothing of hatred or pornography, occasionally a little R-rated stuff, that my wife and I laugh about when I post it.

Thanks, John DeFlumeri Jr

Cynthia said...

Health care is a right for all
not a priviledge for few.

Thanks for keeping everyone aware
of this issue Linda, as well as
many issues.

Jess Mendez said...


this was very creative and short to the point but sweet.

We should all pass it on everyday, not just when we're called to do it.

Ciao baby,

Harlequin said...

reminders about love are not silly!


Hey Linda,
Great post! and I do appreciate the song as well.
I also did a post about health care, and it is a very controversial subject right now in the U.S. I don't think anyone doesn't want universal healthcare, it should be a right for all and not just the rich and famous. I think the question is how and what entities need to be regulated to insure quality healthcare for all. Here in the U.S. we all know how the insurance and drug companies have us at their mercy. I hope our new President will do the right thing for us all, we definitely need to keep our voices heard! Great job my friend,
take care,

Secretia said...

Commenting on "hold fast to life" in the poem. That is such good advice, I do hold fast.
Your blogsite is nice.


John DeFlumeri Jr said...

I worked in the automobile business for many years, and I saw a lot of situations where people couldn't get financed or had to pay ridiculous interest to get a car, because they had a large debt, usually charged off, that was the result of uninsured medical procedueres. A rotten shame!

John DeFlumeri Jr. Clearwater, Fla.

Rick said...

Keep up the fight, Linda! You're a wonderful champion.

artemis-of-the-eucalypts said...

Great post Linda. I am constantly amazed that a nation as 'great' as the US doesnt put the health of its citizens first. May you all get the health care you are entitled to!

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blog

velvetwoods said...

Thank you linda,this is a beautiful post one that we must not forgot,Some people around the world live on just $2 a day.